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7th International Baltic Minitextil Triennial in Gdynia

EXPO 2005
Gdynia. Poland. Start from here

We do not hide what our intention is - it is to bewitch and seduce you and make you travel to the ends of the Earth! Have a look at the map: geographic latitude 54.50 North; longitude 18o33'E. This is our address: Europe, Poland, Gdynia - in other words a beautiful harbour city on the Baltic Sea, with a population of a quarter million.
In far-off countries, our generally calm Baltic sea is often confused with the Balkans. This is a perfect opportunity to rectify this erroneous association.
We will be using the most appealing photos and most convincing words - perfectly aware that we have to compete for your hearts and minds with other wonderful regions of the World. We have our strengths - at the same time we realize that our invitation is addressed to the inhabitants of beautiful Japan, and of her equally attractive neighbours.

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Friday, 14th of July 2006

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Gdynia City Hall of Gdynia
Marsz. Piłsudskiego Av. 52/54
81-382 Gdynia


The City, following the traditions of its openness for the sea and the world, intends to ensure such position in United Europe what responds to possibilities and aspirations of its inhabitants.



Gdynia is a symbol of quality. The city is recognised with entrepreneurial activities, in result with wealth of its residents. Speaking in short - with success. For nearly eighty years, since the construction of the most modern port on the Baltic Sea has began, Gdynia attracted those who want and know how to realise their most ambitious plans. They are partners of Local Authorities.


On 23rd September 1922 the Parliament passed the Act on Construction of the Port in Gdynia, Pomerania Region, as a Public Port. The construction of the port of Gdynia, a project of nation-wide importance, paid for itself even before the World War II, while having played the role of catalyst for social energy and patriotism.

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