July 14, 2006
18 Tamuz, 5766
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EJP looks back on 350 years of  history of Jews in  the UK EJP looks back on 350 years of history of Jews in the UK
This year, on 31 October, Jews in the UK celebrate 350 years since their re-admittance to the British Isles.
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  The history of the Jews of Britain
William the Conqueror encouraged Jewish merchants and artisans from Northern France to move to his newly conquered land.
  A Lord’s vision for UK Jewry
In the 350th year of Anglo Jewry, a British Lord reveals to EJP his hopes and fears for the community.
  Anglo Jewry Today
Today, the 300,000 strong affiliated British Jewish community is roughly split into three groups.
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More On Anglo Jewry:
Celebrating 350 years of Jewish life in Britain
Nine famous British Jews
As Britain is celebrating the 350th anniversary of Anglo Jewry, European Jewish Press selected nine famous British Jews for their influence in their country's history.
On Being Jewish in UK
The European Jewish Press asked British Jews’ views on how they feel being Jewish today in U.K.
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Day in history
14 July 1789 July

Fall of the Bastille in France.
Jews viewed the fall of Bastille as a triumph although by and large they were not allowed to participate in the election of the Estates-General which became the Constituent National Assembly.
Many of them enlisted in the National Guard.
At the same time, more then 1,000 Jews in Alsace were forced to flee during the Agrarian revolt there.

Italian policeman looks at a door where swastikas were daubed 11 July 2006 in the old Jewish ghetto of Rome, following day of celebrations after the Italian football team’s victory in the Football World Cup.
Italian football matches have repeatedly been used by far-right fans as an outlet to vent racist emotions, and Lazio Roma captain Paolo Di Canio has been suspended or fined several times for making banned Fascist salutes.
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