This document describes an open source Distribued Authentication System (DAS) built with readily available programs, packages, and tools. Although many organizations strive for centralized authentication systems, they frequently turn to proprietary solutions (and the accompanying vendor lock-in) or seek to emulate old Microsoft Windows authentication schemes. This is a network authentication system for Unix/Linux clients using GNU/Linux authentication servers. The system does not seek to emulate, copy, or interoperate with Microsoft or Novell to achieve this. DAS is designed for hosts running Free/Open Source Software (FOSS).

This is the official manual for DAS administration. It describes, in detail, all aspects of administering the system. This includes everything from setting up the base operating system to adding and removing users and performing backups.

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I would like to thank Dr. Ho, Dr. Wu, and my colleagues in the lab for their support and encouragement. The Institute of Information Science (IIS) at Academia Sinica was a great place to work and learn. Thanks!!!

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