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Learning Curve is a free online teaching and learning resource, following the History National Curriculum from Key Stages 2 to 5.

  • Sources: see documents, photos and film from the National Archives
  • History: unlock the meaning of these records
  • Education: enjoy games and activities for thinking and learning about our past

Find out what people thought, said and did at the time of some of the most interesting events in history.


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A visitor to The National Archives
  • News - Summer 2006
    Find out more about Learning Curve and upcoming events.

  • Civil War Key stage 3
    Visit our brand new exhibition on the Civil War and discover some exciting new documents, images, video clips and interactive features. Find out more about how to use archival sources and investigate the conflict involving King Charles I, Parliament, the people and Oliver Cromwell. Each document has an audio version, a first for the Learning Curve! The exhibition has been written by Ben Walsh.

  • Focus on Domesday Key stage 3
    Domesday Book is one of the most famous historical records held by The National Archives. It was written over nine hundred years ago under the orders of King William the Conqueror. This new update of Focus on Domesday will feature new activities and video clips.

  • All Pals together: A First War Soldier's Story Key stage 3
    Now available online, education service preparation materials for our videoconference with an actor in role as a soldier talking about life in the trenches. This resource also includes video clips of the actor discussing his preparations for the role.

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