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ATS #41 - The New Marketing Podcast with guest Corbin Bernsen

CorbinThis show is being brought to you by [x + 1] – the new marketing optimization company, check ‘em out at www.xplusone.com. Please send audio comments to 1-206-203-3255. This week's guest is Corbin Bernsen. We talk about One Red Paperclip, Donna on Demand and Social Media!

Download ats_41_the_new_marketing_podcast_with_guest_corbin_bernsen.mp3

2m45 – The iTunes One Star Review of ATS courtesy of Anonymous

11m30 – Audio Comments from Mario Sgambelluri from iMediaConnection.com and Christian Rizy from the Economist (purchase the PDF from the Survey on New Media – you won’t regret it)

15m30 – Peter Stephenson from On Communications in Sydney Australia on Cannes, including an interview with Terry Savage on www.yaffa.com.au/podcast

17m10 – Thoughts on The Cannes Advertising Festival, including a critique of a critique on the top 3 film entries/contenders – Sony Bravia’s Balls, Carlton Draught’s Big Ad (and small ad) and Guinness’ NoitulovE

24m35 – Audio comment from The M Show’s John Wall: Defacing LA30 for UNM2PNM, Time for CaveCast #3?

28m55 – Jaffe Juice Joggers Update

30m13 – Welcome PublicMediaWorks’ Corbin Bernsen. We discuss social media (yes, social media), agnostic platforms, democratizing filmmaking and communal marketing, One Red Paperclip, Psych, Donna on Demand and control.

1h03 – Rant of the Week courtesy of Sean Cheney about lack of lack of new marketing skills for designers

1h05m47 – Winners & Losers: My winner is Bob Garfield for his bold open-source move with his upcoming book, Listenomics. My loser this week is Bob Garfield for his critique on 19 year old Tyson Ibele’s Current TV CGC Sport, “Transformation”

Notable Mentions: [x + 1], Acela, iMedia, The Economist, MarketingSherpa, On Communications, Cannes Advertising Festival, Terry Savage, Scott G, Sony, Guinness, Carlton Draught, The M Show, Greyhound, Fung Wah Bus,  C.C. Chapman, PublicMediaWorks, Corbin Bernsen, Donna on Demand, One Red Paperclip, Kyle McDonald, Snakes on a Plane

Thanks to Derek “the Bandit” Richardson (www.soundrepublic.co.za) and Charlie Crowe (lead guitarist from Brooks & Dunn) – 007 from the PMN


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Its pretty unbelievable, but it has happened! The One Red Paperclip guy, Kyle MacDonald, has successfully traded one red paperclip for a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan. He writes all about it on his blog. (Funny, Corbin Bernsen was... [Read More]


Regarding the comment on web designers, there was a thread going on at the Web 2.0 Show podcast a couple weeks ago about this. (Joseph, can you edit in the link? It is from 6/12 over at their site, Title is "Where are the Web Standards in our Education Curriculums?")

Where is Corbin's blog?

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