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Employment Contract Quality of Life Certification (ECQC)


The IGDA is committed to its ongoing efforts to secure Quality of Life for Professional Game Developers. One of the ways we are actively pursuing that goal is through the IGDA Employment Contract QoL Certification Program.

The Employment Contract QoL Certification taskforce will develop a comprehensive set of core elements that reflect best employment practices for Studios in the Game Industry. These basic elements will then be translated into a set of Employment Contract provisions.

IGDA Affiliate Studios will then be able incpoporate these model contract provisions into their Employment Agreement and then submit that Agreement to the IGDA for Certification. Once Certified the Studio will then be able to state that their employment contract is IGDA QoL Certified.

This Certification will provide a level of comfort to potential hires and also provide the Studio with a significant advantage in the industry talent pool.

To assure compliance, IGDA members will be able to confidentiality verify that the Agreement they are presented with is the version certified and report any inconsistencies between the terms of an IGDA Certified Employment Contract and the actual practices of the Studio to assure compliance.


The ECQC Taskforce will work through the top level issues that impact every developer's Quality of Life over the next several months. Then these top level issues will be codified into a set of employment contract provisions to be adopted by studios. Implementation procedures will also need to be developed.

We expect to launch the program Q4 2006 and implement the formal certification of Studios by GDC 2007.

Procedure and Application

The ECQC process will be made available to all affiliate Studios of the IGDA on a voluntary basis. The submission of an EC to the IGDA for certification will be confidential. So, the fact that a contract was not certified will remain confidential. The submission of an EC to the IGDA for certification will amount to an agreement by the Studio to use that contract form and to comply with its terms for the class of employees covered by the form.

The Taskforce is in the process of working to define the appropriate class(s) of developers who will be covered by the ECQC procedure.

Core Issues - QoL Employer Policies and Employee Benefits




Work Conditions

The Taskforce

  • Tom Buscaglia, The Game Attorney (Chair)
  • Dustin Clingman, President Zeitgeist Games, Game Instructor, Full Sail
  • Jason Dell Rocca, Executive Director, IGDA
  • Ben Mathis, Character Artist and Modeler, Neversoft Entertainment
  • Gaurav Mathur, Art Department Director, Factor 5
  • Kent McNall, President, Gas Powered Games
  • Marc Mencher, President, GameRecruiter.Com
  • Clarinda Merripen, VP Operations, Cryptic Studios
  • Gina Neff, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, University of Washington
  • Marty O'Donnell, Audio Director, Bungie Studios
  • Brian Reynolds, IGDA Board member and President, Big Huge Games
  • Jeffery Rose, Attorney
  • Patrick Sweeney, Attorney
  • Richard Woods, Managing Director, Black Lantern Studios, Inc.

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