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Welcome to the WIBSource web site. If your workforce investment board is already using WIBSource you can click on the User Login link to enter your information and view your private and administration web sites.

Checkout these WIBSource local WIB websites:

Gateway Coordinating Council - 5 WIBs in Missouri and Illinois
Western Illinois WIB
Wasatch Front WIB - A WIBSource demo site

The Tips & Tricks page contains a basic tutorial as well as information about how to do more advanced formatting and customization for your existing WIBSource site.

The Downloads page includes links to MS PowerPoint presentations that can be used by State LMI shops to present WIBSource to their constituent WIBs.

The FAQ page contains a list of frequently asked question about WIBSource, as well as the current release notes and bug lists.

Use the Contact Us link if your questions are not answered here, or you would like more information.



WIBSource is a product of the Utah Department of Workforce Services developed in cooperation with the ALMIS Projections Consortia, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Employment and Training Administration.