tiny advice for whoababy

I feel like my parents think I do bad things. When I ask to go somewhere they always think I'm lying about it. When they leave me home alone they always think i'm going to do bad things. How can i earn their trust back?

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1. on 8 apr 2006 TragiCxxTwisT said:
i know how you feel. my parents are exactly the same way. what you have to do is convince them that you are not a bad kid, and will not lie to them. Try to get them to leave you home alone for a day, or so, and make sure that you dont do anything irresponsible while they're gone. You'll evantually get their trust back.

2. on 9 apr 2006 danlover17 said:
well just dont do n thing stupid when theyre gone n then theyll trust u again

3. on 25 apr 2006 PS__iLOVEYOU said:
My parents feel the exact same way about me. They think i do drugs, drink, and have sex whenever im NOT with them. So heres my advice: if your home alone clean up the house a little, do your homework, do something good so they know that your a good kid. dont make the house a mess when there not home, it'll show your irresponsible. just make sure you do good things so they know your not a bad kid.

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