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Desperate for Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives Spoilers (Updated July 18)

Desperate Housewives News (Updated July 19)
DH Episode Guide
Desperate Housewives Spoilers (Updated July 18)
Summary of latest episode
DH spec script (Updated July 17)

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September 24      Episode One  --  "Listen to the Rain on the Roof"

Look for Tom's 11 year old daughter Kayla to create problems between Tom and Lynette, as she wants to spend plenty of time with Tom, and blames Lynette for an injury Lynette insists she didn't cause.

One of the Scavo kids has a birthday party, with a clown.

Bree visits a doctor because of a distressing experience she had during sex with her fiance, Orson, and the doctor informs her she was merely having an orgasm.  Bree realizes she's never had an orgasm before.

Mike's apparently been in a coma for six months. Susan doesn't want to give up hope, even as a doctor suggests hope may be lost.

Edie is trying to sell a house on Wisteria Lane, and she tries dancing around the truth about the violent experiences that have taken place there.

Gabrielle and Carlos search for Xiao-Mei, who's disappeared.  Xiao-Mei's still pregnant.

October 1       Episode Two

18 year old Austin moves in with his aunt Edie.  Julie finds him attractive.

Bree and Orson walk down the aisle. Bree interrupts her own wedding so she can have a private chat with Orson! But the wedding goes on. Bree's aunt Fern makes a toast at the reception.

Carlos is frustrated at the reception thanks to the lack of single women. Gabrielle bribes a gay waiter to
help make Carlos jealous. Gabrielle and Carlos are using a mediator for their divorce, and he's upset by their bickering over who gets what.

Susan learns that the man in a coma she's been caring for is not Mike! At some point after a head cast was placed on Mike, he was switched with this other man.  Susan goes out with the husband of a coma patient, and in an awkward moment, Susan meets the man's wife's parents. Thanks to her date (possibly to be played by Dougray Scott), she pretends to be his wife's doctor.

Two detectives examine a body in a morgue; it was well-preserved in clay, and died thanks to a blunt trauma to the head. The dead woman's teeth have been pulled out. 

Miscellaneous spoilers

Richard Burgi (Karl) will apparently be exiting from the show as a regular, though it's unclear to me if he's going to appear on the show this season and then have an exit, or simply never be shown again, or be shown on a recurring basis like season 1.  Anyone with more info is welcome to email it to me!

The third season mystery will involve Orson.  There's no word yet on what his secret is, though it's a good bet that he doesn't have a dead body in his pool or a mentally handicapped son in his basement.  The casting sides for his character included a lengthy monologue where he admitted to having accidentally killed a patient with nitrous oxide, so make of that what you will.

Susan will be clumsy.  Lynette's kids are bratty.  Edie continues to hate Susan.

Season 3's stories will include more interaction between the different housewives and stories.

Julie will be growing up and beginning to date.

Mike survives but he won't be quite the same. Susan gets a new love interest.

Lynette's marital problems stretch into next season, thanks to Tom's pre-teen daughter Kayla.  Lynette will not be at work next season, but she's also not going to be a stay-at-home mom exactly either. Look for both Kayla and her mother Nora to be around.

Bree gets a new romance with Orson and more happiness in general.  Look for their relationship to be "dark and exciting", according to DH co-executive producer Kevin Murphy.

There will be a wedding.

The seventh episode of the season will contain a big twist.

The Solises have marital trouble that's both tragic and comedic, as they get a War of the Roses type plot.  Can their marriage survive Carlos' adultery?   Xiao-Mei will be around as Gwendoline Yeo has been made a regular.

The season premiere will take place six months after the finale, and the first 15 minutes will catch viewers up on where the characters have been since the finale.