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Friday, January 13, 2006 (hour one)

  • Reginald Turner
  • Alan Simpson
  • Joe Zefran
  • Michael Eric Dyson
  • George Johnson
  • David Myers
  • Michelle Banks

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Hour One

The Alito Confirmation Hearings
National Bar Association president Reginald Turner and former Wyoming senator and Senate Judiciary member Alan Simpson offer their perspectives on the purpose of the Supreme Court nomination process and how nominee Judge Samuel Alito may fare.

Chicago Freedom Movement – 40 Years Later
Producer Joe Zefran chronicles the Chicago Freedom Movement and examines the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King 40 years ago to protest the housing conditions of the poor.

White Lie
David Myers
tells his unique story of race following the revelation after 26 years of life that he was not White…but actually Black.

Reflections of a Deaf Black Woman
Deaf actress and playwright Michelle Banks lets us share in her experience with her one-woman-play Reflections of a Deaf Black Woman.

Friday, January 13, 2006 (hour two)

  • Ray Nagin
  • Alexis Herman
  • Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
  • Dr. Cornel West
  • Yolanda King

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Hour Two

New Orleans Rebuilding Ray Nagin
New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin gives an update on the rebuilding effort, the Bring Back New Orleans Commission report and the lessons he’s learned following Hurricane Katrina.

Alexis Herman
Alexis Herman
, former Secretary of Labor and presently co-trustee of the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund explains how private funding has been more effective than federal efforts to get victims of hurricane Katrina back on their feet.

Yolanda King
Yolanda King
, the eldest daughter of the late Martin Luther King Jr. shares her perspective on the meaning of the King holiday, memories of her father, and her thoughts on the battle over the King Center.

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