"Brian Wright-McLeod has undertaken a gargantuan task
and accomplished it with grace, clarity and precision.
This encyclopedia is a rich resource for music fans,
whether they're researching, writing or just eager for
knowledge." - Anthony Bozza, Rolling Stone Magazine.

"This exhaustive, meticulously researched book is long
overdue...A fascinating readable volume, full of
information that has never been made available
before." - Richard Flohil, Applaud Magazine

"A monumental reference work that will serve as an
invaluable tool for anyone remotely interested in the
rich diversity of recorded music by First Nations
peoples in North America." - Rob Bowman, author of
Soulsville USA: The Story of Stax Records.


The Encyclopedia of Native Music, written and compiled by Native music journalist Brian Wright-McLeod (Dakota/Anishnabe), was published by the University of Arizona Press in April, 2005. This site is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Native music. Appreciation and thanks are owed to many people who were involved along the way.

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The Encyclopedia of Native Music

This book represents a new area of research of Native music that focuses primarily on commercially released recordings in all genres of traditional and mainstream areas. It is a first such attempt at cataloguing and profiling the many artists and recordings spanning the continent from the Arctic/Circumpolar region to the U.S.-Mexico border. Several parameters regarding inclusion of numerous artists and musical forms had to be considered for the initial volume. It is as complete as one can hope, at this point. Yet, it is my aim to continue collecting recordings and gathering research to further develop the upcoming research/resource center dedicated to preserving and cataloging recorded Native music.

The Soundtrack of a People - A Companion to The Encyclopedia of Native Music (EMI Music Canada)

This musical companion to the `Encyclopedia Of Native Music' book is the most comprehensive overview of Native Music ever assembled! This collective package features 72 tracks across 3 discs and includes extensive liner notes.

CD 1 examines the Traditional and Folk Roots.
CD 2 explores Powwow Roots and Flute.
CD 3 highlights Contemporary Music.

It is impossible to create a definitive collection of Native music that includes all areas and genres and that spans decades and a continent. Instead, this collection is a snapshot that hints at the immensity of the diverse styles of Native people who continue to celebrate life through music and culture. It's easy to name the artists who are not included in this volume, but it is equally important to hear those who are, and to understand the contributions made by so many other people who continue this creative process.

My deepest respect and appreciation goes out to EMI Music Canada for being the first major label to embrace a collection of this scope and for their unprecedented support. EMI Music Canada will also be donating part of the proceeds from sales of this project to the 'Native Music Research Institute'.


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