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24/11/2003  IMDEX/UDT ASIA 2003 exhibition, Singapore
25/08/2003  6th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2003 in Moscow
The Uragan Multiple Rocket Launcher System (9K57) is designed to engage any type of group targets the susceptible elements of which are manpower sheltered or in the open, soft-skinned and armored materiel of the motorized infantry and tank companies, artillery, tactical missiles, SAM systems units, helicopters on landing sites, command posts, communications centers and military-industrial (defense) facilities.
Basic Specifications
Range of fire:  
 - maximum 35 km
 - minimum 10 km
Number of launching tubes 16
Caliber of rocket projectiles 220 mm
Weight of the RP 270 to 280 kg
Salvo time 20 sec
Number of RPs carried by
  one Transporter-Loader
LV crew 4
Tranporter-loader crew 3
Time to load the LV 20 min
Time to prepare the LV for action Not more than 3 min
Time for urgent leaving
  of the firing position after launch
Not more than 1,5 min
Ambient Operation Conditions
Operating temperature range:  
 - Rocket Projectiles (RPs) -50..+50 C
 - Launch vehicle, Transporter-Loader -40..+50 C
RPs short-term stay (up to 6hr)
  temperature range
-60..+60 C
Ground wind Up to 20 m per sec
Relative air humidity at 20 to 25 C Up to 98 per cent
Dust content in the ground air Up to 2 g per m3
Altitude Up to 3000 m
"URAGAN" System
Rocket Projectiles
with HE-Fragmentation
with Fragmentation Submunitions
Scattering Cluster Warhead
with AT Mines
Scattering Cluster Warhead
with AT Mines
Scattering Cluster Warhead
9P140 Launch Vehicle
9T452 Transporter-Loader
9F381 Set of Arsenal
Equipment and Tools
Training Aids
1V126 Kapustnik
Complex of Facilities
for Automated Fire Control
1T12-2M Topographical Survey
1B44 Radio Direction Finding
Meteorological Complex
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