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Save time and money with our free acoustic guitar lessons. What better way to sharpen your skills than from the comfort of your home.

In this lesson we’d like to share with you a simple trick that can add color and dimension to your playing – thanks to the open chord shapes of A, D and E. Let’s explore the world of…

Shape Shifters

The keys of A, D and E are especially important to the guitar. This is because, in each case, the root note conveniently falls on an open string (the 5th, 4th and 6th respectively).

This makes it easy to move around the guitar fretboard, while pedaling the open bass note. In fact, this is also the primary reason why E maj is such an important key for acoustic blues.

Shape Shifting in E     acoustic guitar hub logo

Here’s a ‘shape shifting’ example in E maj (for clarity, the tablature omits the in-between rhythm fills):

free acoustic guitar lessons chords

free acoustic guitar lessons tab

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Step By Step

  1. Begin by playing an open E maj chord. What we’re going to do is maintain this basic shape, and just move it up and down the fretboard.
  2. The 2nd chord is the basic E maj shape moved up 7 frets.
  3. The 3rd chord is the basic E maj shape moved up 5 frets…and so on.
  4. Use left hand finger muting to accentuate the rhythm.


acoustic guitar lessons chords


‘Shape Shifting’ can be used to create a myriad of interesting riffs, and whole songs can be written around them. So just unleash your imagination and have fun…we’ll be seeing you on the charts!

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