The View from the Roof

On this page, we give you a taste of the work of our engineer, Mike Phillips. All photos are from our transmission site on the roof of the First Canadian Place in downtown Toronto.

On November 2, 2003, CKLN experienced a ”burn out” of a transmission feeder on the roof at First Canadian Place. This caused damage to the main transmitter power amplifier, and as a result, for two weeks we operated at VERY LOW POWER running directly from the Exciter unit @ 25 Watts into a single bay Antenna. This only allowed us about 14 Watts ERP - just about the same power as CKLN originally went onto the FM band with in 1983!

The main antenna was taken down and assessed. The general condition was not bad, but the weather covers were removed to inspect the aerial assemblies and then resealed as the special silicon sealant had started to fail. The feeder cable to the top bay of the aerial had blown out and had a hole in it. There was corrosion in most of the connectors, and the general condition of the cables and connectors was very poor (life approx 10 to 12 years - ours has been in use for 20!). Therefore all the cables and connections were replaced and tested before reinstalling everything.

Photos of the 2-Bay Antenna, and the faulty feeder cable:


We decided to replace our aging Telefunken transistor power amplifier with a new state-of-the-art cost effective MosFet unit from “Nicom” ( along with a Band Pass Filter “BPF2000” to help protect it and to clean up our signal. This was successfully installed on November 18, 2003.

This unit has provisions for Telemetry so we will be able to add a PC at First Canadian Place to deliver the information back to us in the studio and to act as a backup method to get our audio delivered to the transmitter should we have a cable fault in the future.

The Telefunken Power amp will be closely examined to find out just what happened when the feeder failed. This is an old unit that has had several expensive repairs over the last 5 years. With time we hope to restore it, to give us a backup unit in case of future failures.

We can only be grateful that this failure happened AFTER our fundraising drive rather than before. We have had the resources to buy necessary new equipment and clean up old equipment, so that our signal will actually be clearer and stronger than it was before. We thank our listeners for your patience through this period.

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The View from the Roof

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