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Welcome to my District 2 FresYES website. I hope you take the opportunity to learn more about my vision and what it means for the future of Fresno. I would be pleased to meet you, your family, your friends, members of your organization, or your business associates at a convenient time and location. Simply contact me, and we'll schedule an appointment.

I see Fresno and its future as a barbell. The heavy bell at one end is Fresno's downtown that needs attention through economic development and home/condo/loft/apartment ownership.

The long bar of the barbell is the rest of the city. Continued attention needs to be paid to this bar through fire and safety protection, home/business infill, and quality of life issues such as code enforcement/beautification and parks.

The bell on the other end of the barbell is District 2, your home and/or place of work. This bell is very important to you and to me, as your councilmember.

My FresYES goal is to collaborate with Mayor Alan Autry, the City Council, and City of Fresno staff to protect that which is wonderful about Fresno while improving and adding where necessary. As in the Citizen Oath of Ancient Athens,

“I will seek to quicken the public’s sense of civic duty; and thus in all ways to transmit this city not less but greater, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.”

Together we can turn FresNO into FresYES!

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