Caltech's Physics 237-2002

Gravitational Waves

Course Materials

The course materials for Part A: Gravitational-Wave Theory and Sources are ordered in accord with the Part A Course Outline; those for Part B: Gravitational-Wave Detection are ordered in accord with the Part B Course Outline as originally taught and not in accord with the (more logical) Part B Alternative Course Outline.

The DVD's are very long: between several hundred megabytes and about 2 gigabytes each.  The shorter ones will stream over a very fast link.  All can be downloaded.  

DVD's containing the vidoes and all other course materials are available via Interlibrary Loan from the Caltech Library (click on CLAS, then on Call Number, then enter QC179.T56 2002 ).

The videos are in Quick Time format.  Real Player cannot handle them.  Free Quick Time Players can be downloaded here:

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Quick Time for Linux [well, really it's Crossover, but it does the job]
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Links to the  Course Materials:

Part A: Gravitational-Wave Theory and Sources: Part B: Gravitational-Wave Detection

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    Course Home Page
    Course Description
    Outlines of course:
        Part A - Gravitational-Wave Theory and Sources
        Part B - Gravitational-Wave Detection: original outline
        Part B - Gravitational-Wave Detection: alternative outline, with the order of the lectures made more logical