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18 July 2006:
Mr. Bejtlich will be teaching TCP/IP Weapons School at USENIX Security 2006.



Mr. Bejtlich is author of The Tao of Network Security Monitoring and Extrusion Detection, and co-author of Real Digital Forensics.


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18 July 2006

Do you know your network?

Richard Bejtlich founded TaoSecurity to help clients detect, contain, and remediate intrusions using network security monitoring (NSM) principles.

We work with our customers to assess the threats to their organizations and improve their level of digital situational awareness. Using NSM solutions, our customers stop most intruders, contain the ones that exploit any remaining vulnerabilities, and implement rapid, efficient recovery actions.

Our approach builds on defenses already deployed in the enterprise and augments them with the knowledge, processes, and data needed for effective incident preparation, resistance, detection, and response.

Let us train your personnel or solve your network security problems today.