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QuickTime VR moves the photographic image from the flat 2D world into the definitive immersive experience — complete with 3D imagery and interactive components.

Cubic VR Gallery

QuickTime VR enables viewers to explore virtual worlds using nothing more than a computer and mouse — no cumbersome goggles, headsets or gloves required.

Photographers have embraced QuickTime VR as a terrific way to transport people to different parts of the globe with one mouse click. The corporate world has been quick to seize the opportunity, too. Today thousands of companies use QuickTime VR movies to display their products to best advantage on the Internet.


For education, the possibilities are unlimited. Just think of virtual field trips to view the splendor of such places as the Nile Delta, the Grand Canyon and Olduvai Gorge. Learning can be fun.

At 360°, QuickTime VR puts a new spin on virtual reality. QuickTime VR now features Cubic VR to give you views in all directions. Get the authoring software you need to make QTVRs.


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