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The FEI/BCM ranking places of riders of Kazakhstan and Central Asian region on June 2006 - by Webmaster 28/07/2006 @ 00:06 Print the page

The Dressage combinations rider/horse from Kazakhstan and Central Asian region have the following places in the FEI/BCM rankings:

Sergey Buikevich - Volan (Kazakhstan) - 363-rd place (275 points)
Elena Chistyakova - Secret (Uzbekistan) - 537-th place (132 points)
Ekaterina Bezborodova - Magekh (Kazakhstan) - 640-th place (85 points)
Sergey Nazarenko - Avdon (Kazakhstan) - 677-th place (52 points)
Tatyana Sennik - Kvinta (Kazakhstan) - 686-th place (38 points)
Marina Murtazina - Geniy (Kazakhstan) - 691-st place (6 points)


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The FEI/Gandini ranking places of riders of Kazakhstan and Central Asian region on June 2006 - by Webmaster 05/07/2006 @ 13:53 Print the page

The Jumping riders from Kazakhstan and Central Asian region have the following places in the FEI/Gandini rankings:

Gayrat Nazarov (Uzbekistan) - 651-st place (50 points)
Aset Tolkumbekov (Kazakhstan) - 844-th place (32 points)
Mirzahid Musaev (Uzbekistan) - 854-th place (30 points)
Alexander Tishkov (Kazakhstan) - 912-th place (27 points)
Andrey Shalokhin (Kyrgyzstan) - 917-th place (26 points)
Nurjon Tuyakbaev (Uzbekistan) - 919-th place (25 points)
Ibragim Yuldashev (Uzbekistan) - 984-th place (23 points)
Aziz Sadykov (Uzbekistan) - 1064-th place (17 points)
Shukhrat Safarov (Uzbekistan) - 1141-st place (12 points)
Olga Sorokina (Kyrgyzstan) - 1144-th place (11 points)
Eugeny Barashkin (Kazakhstan) - 1153-rd place (10 points)
Aleksey Loktev (Uzbekistan) - 1153-rd place (10 points)
Oleg Tchurshin (Kyrgyzstan) - 1247-th place (9 points)
Oleg Popelyaev (Kazakhstan) - 1296-th place (5 points)
Umid Kamilov (Uzbekistan) - 1474-th place (4 points)
Latif Aliev (Kazakhstan) - 1515-th place (3 points)
Valentina Dubolazova (Kyrgyzstan) - 1561-st place (2 points)
Farid Gubaidulin (Kyrgyzstan) - 1608-tht place (1 point)


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Timetable of Dressage competitions at FEI World Equestrian Games in Aachen - by Admin 22/06/2006 @ 00:27 Print the page

Dressage competitions at FEI World Equestrian Games will be held from 22 to 26 August 2006 in Aachen (Germany).

Tuesday August 22 - 9.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. - Grand-Prix - 1st Part Individual and Team Classification
Wednesday August 23 - 9.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. - Grand Prix - 2nd Part Individual Classification and Team Final
Friday August 25 - 10:00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. - Grand Prix Special Individual Final Special
Saturday August 26 - 8.00 p.m. - 11.45 p.m. - Grand Prix Freestyle Individual Final Freestyle

Let's remind, that the leader of National Team, Sergey Buikevich, has won the permit to this largest international equestrian show and at present prepares for trip to Aachen, where will represent of Kazakhstan together with Akhal-Teke horse Volan.


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Equestrian Federation of Kazakhstan and Organizing committee of competitions thank for the help in organization and realization of competitions in 2005 to the


Eurasian Industrial Association
Eurasian bank


*Michael Wilson & Partners, Ltd.* layers company
Hyatt Regency Almaty Rahat Palace Hotel
*PriceWaterhouseCoopers* audit company
*Transaero* avia company
*Tau Dastarhan* center
*Lufthansa* avia company
*Ai Ser* grand hotel
*LG Electronics* company
*Altyn Tay* equestrian club
*Bayan Sulu*
*Palladium* jazz club
*Guinness* club

Dear sirs!

The organizing committee of the international equestrian competitions "FEI World Cup", "President Cup", "Almaty Cup" will be glad to see your company by the sponsor of tournament in 2006.

Your sponsor's participation in organization of tournament is not only real assistance to the social project, but also the effective way of promotion of your company, which will affect its image and reputation positively, will expand an audience of your clients, will be a convincing parameter of reliability and financial well-being.

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