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Geology Hall
Old Queens Section, College Avenue Campus

 The Rutgers University Geology Museum, which is open to the public, features exhibits on geology and anthropology, with an emphasis on the natural history of New Jersey. The largest exhibits include a dinosaur trackway from Towaco, NJ; a mastodon from Salem County, NJ; and a Ptolomaic era Egyptian mummy. There are mineral exhibits featuring the zeolite minerals of Paterson, NJ, and the zinc minerals of Franklin, NJ. Also on exhibit is a 30-foot-long geologic cross section of New Jersey from the Delaware Water Gap to the southern NJ coastal plain. To arrange a group tour of the Geology Museum, please contact R. William Selden at (732) 932-7243, or . There is no charge for admission, and the museum has a small rock shop.

Museum Hours:
NOTE: Museum is closed for the rest of the month of June 2006

Mondays, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Tuesday-Friday, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon
Phone [(732) 932-7243] the museum for weekend hours

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Friends of the Geology Museum

This organization is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Geology Museum and also sponsors a series of scholarly talks throughout the year. If you would like more information about the Friends program or would like to join our organization, please contact R. William Selden at (732) 932-7243 or .

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