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Pepsi or Pepsi-Cola, is a carbonated soft drink manufactured by PepsiCo, and principal rival of Coca-Cola. ... 1 reviews

Directed by Alexander Payne Writing credits (WGA) Rex Pickett (novel) Alexander Payne (screenplay) Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Drama (more) Tagline: In search of wine. In search of women. In ... 1 reviews

Dell 1905FPDell 1905FP
DELL UltraSharp 1905FP 19-inch Flat Panel Monitor with Height Adjustable Stand The Dell UltraSharp 1905FP Flat Panel Monitor redefines the performance of LCD displays with a stylish new Dell indust ... 1 reviews

Mountain DewMountain Dew
Doing the "Dew" is like no other soft drink experience because of its daring, high-energy, high-intensity, active, extreme citrus taste. Regular (8 fl. oz) Contains: Carbonated water, high fructos ... 1 reviews

iPod PhotoiPod Photo
A delight for the ears. A feast for the eyes. Though it’s no bigger than a pack of playing cards and weighs in at just over 6 ounces, iPod photo delivers a one-two sensory punch. Letting you carry a ... 1 reviews

Napoleon DynamiteNapoleon Dynamite
Movie (2004) Rated PG for thematic elements and language. Runtime: 82 min Directed by Jared Hess Writing credits Jared Hess and Jerusha Hess Plot: An alienated teen decides to help his new friend w ... 3 reviews

Chemical Brothers : Push The ButtonChemical Brothers : Push The Button
Originally released in 2005 on Astralwerks Records. This is the Chemical Brothers' fifth studio album featuring vocals from Q-Tip, Anna-Lynne Williams, and Kele Okereke. ... 1 reviews

Trader Joe's Black LicoriceTrader Joe's Black Licorice
A soft succulent black licorice made in Australia. Kookaburra uses authentic licorice root extract. Sold in gourmet shops throuout the United States ... 1 reviews

SimpleTech USB 2.0 Flash Drive - 256 MBSimpleTech USB 2.0 Flash Drive - 256 MB
SimpleTech's Full Speed USB 2.0 Flash Drive is a small, portable, and convenient replacement to floppy disks, CDs, and more. One 256MB USB Flash Drive offers as much storage capacity as up to 177 stan ... 1 reviews

Canon S500Canon S500
The Canon S500 5.0 Megapixel digital camera is designed to be sleek, powerful and easily portable. The high-resolution 3x optical zoom lens provides sharp shooting in a variety of situations and the s ... 1 reviews

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Direct T.V.
about Direct T.V. Digital Cable
by your_my_angel on 03-06-2005 rating: 4
Hey people if u dont have direct t.v. then u should order it a.s.a.p.. It rocks my socks. Theres always something on. I love movies so HBO and Showtime are awesome. You get all the discover channels f...

The Notebook.
about Movie:The Notebook.
by your_my_angel on 03-06-2005 rating: 5
OMG! Ladys you have to see this movie...it is so good. Not to mention the guy is a total hottie!(when he was young of course.hehe)Its the perfect love story. Its funny and sad, I started to cry at the...

about Napoleon Dynamite
by x0sparkl30x on 03-02-2005 rating: 3
While watching the movie, you may think it's stupid, after you're finished, it's lots of fun to make fun at. Just a pointer--watch it with someone who will make fun of it afterwards. ...

I hate this movie
about Napoleon Dynamite
by hastycows on 02-16-2005 rating: 1
I hate this movie it does not make sense......

about Pepsi
by hastycows on 02-16-2005 rating: 4
I think that Pepsi is better than Coke...but i like sprite better than Serria mist, i really dont what company i like most...

One Last Road Trip
about Sideways
by Dig on 02-13-2005 rating: 5
Two buddies go to wine country in California for a week-long retreat before one of them gets married. One guy gets lucky....

Great Flat Panel Display
about Dell 1905FP
by sjd on 02-10-2005 rating: 5
I've only had the display for a couple of days but so far I've been pleased. It seems to be much brighter than my old 19" CRT. It has one dead pixel which is pretty annoying at times. The color see...

Get Energy n Get MT. DEW!
about Mountain Dew
by hanndibabbibyotch on 02-05-2005 rating: 5
Mountain Dew may be the best drink on the whole planet besides uhh... diet coke (hey i like those reviews hehe) but it gives you energy n makes you hyper and i drink it all the time and i love it a lo...

Protect You Eyes; Elivs Style.
about Aviator Sunglasses
by Technology on 02-05-2005 rating: 5
The everpopular Aviator sunglasses have come back into fashion. They are usually bigger than your whole upper face, so there is no change of a single hint of sun reaching your precious cornias. They ...

Fashion vs. Functional
about iPod Photo
by Technology on 02-05-2005 rating: 2
The everpopular iPod (Mac) has been around since early 2000. They have been steadily releasing new versions, and the newest, iPod Photo. The iPod Photo is retailing at $499, also the price of a Mac Mi...