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(New Series No: 51-52)
Articles include: Srdja Popovic and Emir Suljagic on Bosnia's genocide lawsuit before the ICJ; a special feature on reactions to Milosevic's death abroad and within Serbia (articles by Paul Garde, Dunja Melcic, Sonja Biserko, and many others); a revealing document on the attitude of wartime B-H leaders to the prospect of partition; a debate on Operation Storm and its aftermath between a Croatian and a Serbian historian; texts on the constitutional issue in B-H; Branka Magas on a recent Serbian media onslaught on Latinka Perovic; Senad Pecanin on voting for Montenegrin independence
(New Series No:49-50)
Articles include: Judging Milosevic's Serbia; Lovrenovic on Halilovic acquittal; Mesic, Papic and Hadziahmetovic on post-Dayton B-H; open letter to The Guardian by Srebrenica survivors and authors; Stipetic, Jergovic and others on the Croatian dimension; Brailo and Kovacevic on Montenegro at the crossroads; Biserko, Popovic and Jovanovic on the Serbian question; LDP, Magas and Filipovic debate 'Serbia and Kosova'; reviews by Woollacott and Simms; Walasek, Thorpe and Kirschbaum on Bosnia's cinematic triumphs
(New Series No: 47-48)
Articles include: Cohn-Bendit, Mendiluce and Silajdzic on Dayton, ten years on; Special feature on Serbia (Biserko on 'nation vs individual', Mirko Kovac on Dobrica Cosic, The twilight years of Serbian communism, etc.); Hoare and Todorovic on Chetniks then and now; Vulliamy and Jelacic on the warlord of Visegrad; Omarska memorial; Mladic's death squads; church and army onslaught on Montenegro
(New Series No: 45-46)
Articles include: Special feature on Srebrenica with Aleskandar Hemon, Emir Suljagic, Natasa Kandic, Tim Judah and others; Marko Attila Hoare on Al-Qaida in the Balkans and on a capitulation by the Hague tribunal; Ivan Lovrenovic on Tudjman and Koljevic; a major essay by Sonja Biserko on the Greater Serbia debacle; an important encounter between Montenegrin and Serbian intellectuals; reviews of Milos Vasic's book on the Djindjic assassination; Ivo Banac remembers Wayne Vucinich
(New Series No:43-44)
Articles include: Major debate on the origins of the war, with participants from Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia; articles on B-H, Montenegro and Serbia today by Nick Thorpe, Ed Vulliamy, Miodrag Perovic and Natasa Kandic; feature 'Beyond "Great Serbia"', with contributions by Sonja Biserko, Olga Popovic Obradovic, Miroslav Filipovic; section on Kosova's future; review of Enver Redzic's work on Bosnia in World War II by Marko Attila Hoare
(New Series No: 42)
Articles include: Articles on the continuing crisis in 'Republika Srpska' by Ivan Lovrenovic and others; reports on the war crimes issue at The Hague and in B-H, by Emir Suljagic and Dzenana Karup-Drusko; Fikret Cuskic and Lee Bryant on Operation Vlasic; short story by Peter Palmer; feature on the question of Serbia with texts by Olga Popovic-Obradovic, Mirko Tepavac and Sonja Biserko; reviews by Latinka Perovic and Gordana Knezevic; Kosova, Montenegro, Macedonia, obituaries
(New Series No: 41)
Articles include: Feature on the bridges of Bosnia; Alija Izetbegovic on the fall of Srebrenica and the creation of RS; Marko Attila Hoare on the birth of the Bosnian army; Ivan Lovrenovic on the monstrosity of 'pure' national culture; Vojin Dimitrijevic and 'rational' resistance to the truth; three texts on the status of Montenegro; Albanian-Serb debate on Kosova/o independence; extremist bishops
(New Series No: 39-40)
Articles include: Srdja Popovic on Serbian secession from the former Yugoslavia; Ivan Lovrenovic on the friends and enemies of B-H statehood; Emir Suljagic on Radovan Karadzic and RS; debate on the causes and nature of the Bosnian war (Andjelic, Knezevic, Magas, Kadijevic); feature on Serbia (Biserko, Perovic, Popovic-Obradovic, Milosavljevic, Popovic on Vojin Dimitrijevic, etc.); plus Paul Hockenos, Teofil Pancic and Fran Nazi on Kosova, Krivokapic on Montenegro, Brendan Simms reviewing James Gow
(New Series No: 37-38 )
Articles include: Special feature 'Assessing Izetbegovic and his legacy'; Ivanko, Harland and Pack et al. on Dayton B-H; Suljagic on plea-bargaining; Toomey on the children of Bosnian rape victims; Zirojevic and Ivancevic on the Old Bridge; texts on the political crisis in Serbia; Knezevic reviewing Andjelic; Hoare reviewing Bose and Chandler; 100 Bosnian Institute forums!
(New Series No: 36)
Articles include: Ivan Lovrenovic on Alija Izetbegovic, Emir Suljagic on the 'librarian of death', Dejan Anastasijevic on the Serbian security services, Misa Brkic on the Telecom affair, special feature on the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, review article on left-wing responses to Western military intervention in the former Yugoslavia, interview with director of the Sarajevo Film Festival
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