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The ultimate fansite dedicated to all things Pokemon and MORE. . .

Yoshi6400: Where to start, where to start... There's so much stuff to talk about, so much information. *Goes looking through the archived material sent to him from NobleStrifeStudio* Hmmm... Maybe I do know where to start.


Anyone who's ever heard of us knows we have a long history. The whole thing started when Satoshi began a page called Pikachu's Pokemon Page. It was the first site dedicated to Pokemon, waaayyyy before it all began here in the U.S. Satoshi, much to my surprise was a sixteen year old kid--I mean, his site was loaded with goodies only a professional connected with the anime industry could get, so yeah I was surprised.

I, as the head of Noble Strife Studio, contacted the guys responsible and asked them if I could do a few images. A few images eventually turned into an entire redesign. A redesign eventually turned into a recreation, and many, many evolutions.

Now we're here. At a better place. And yet another, all-new look.

-E. Remi Zaragoza, Noble Strife Studio (January 1999)

PFX Cover Page, January 1999. So Scyther isn't actually that good because of the acknowledgement of high durability monsters like Snorlax... At least they explained its possible potential.

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This was the section that contained major info on site updates and info about the main editor. The main area in the center of the page was where recent updates and large comments about the site were posted for all to see. In the left and right columns on the side, comments were normally made about some current events, ads, or just extra stuff that didn't fit in the main bit.

Here's a place where people could look around and see if there still was a world out there... A Pokémon world at least. The news corner included some useful info on events, but it did include a ton of rumours as well. A good place to see, but you had to be very careful. NSBulbasaur ran the area of the site, and did a fine job to start, but as time passed, her doings eventually led to the untimely end of PFX.

Every month, Pokémon Forest X had one or two pages with a special feature topic. The special feature pages were always slightly unpredictable in my opinion. Sometimes they dealt with special days like Valentines Day, sometimes they dealt with a specific Pokémon... Then out of the blue, NobleStrifeStudio could pull out some original topic that didn't even deal with Pokémon!

A basic page with general info on the game known as Pokémon, starting with a quick description and a link to a detailed FAQ page. The starting description was basically the same as the original writeup made long ago for Pikachu's Pokémon Page. The "classic" beginning was a nice touch and a good beginning that lead to the FAQ.

There's a lot of Pokémon merchandise out there and this was the place where it was talked about in detail. Every monthly update, a new set of toys was reported about. Everything from weird blue Pikachu plushies appearing in Chicago's Chinatown to tiny figurines fresh from Japan. Once in a while, a Non-Pokémon toy or two slipped into the reports.

Yoshi6400: Please don't tell me that you thought that it was the end already... There's still lots more to go!

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