David Nortman, N.D.

My interest in naturopathic medicine began almost a decade ago when I first faced a chronic health problem of my own. In searching for a solution to my situation I became interested in naturopathic medicine, through which I was able to improve my own state of health. Since naturopathic medicine combined my interests in science and in philosophy, both of which I was studying at the time at the University of Toronto, I eventually decided to study it at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, the only such school in Canada and one of only a handful in North America.

Naturopathic medicine
Naturopathic medicine is a complete and co-ordinated approach to health-care which integrates scientific knowledge with several well-established alternative therapeutic systems. The naturopathic profession in North America is extremely broad in scope, and more developed than anywhere else in the world. (In Israel naturopathy is growing rapidly, but it maintains a limited focus on nutrition and related disciplines, and lacks the extensive educational foundation and wide scope of practice found in North America.) Because naturopathic doctors (NDs) are trained in primary health-care, a growing number of U.S. states and Canadian provinces have licensing requirements that are similar to those of other medical professions such as medical doctors, chiropractors, dentists, and veterinarians. more »

Naturopathic education
In addition to receiving a thorough education in the medical sciences, NDs have a broad base of therapeutic systems to draw on which do not involve pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. The naturopathic medicine program combines in-depth study of the medical sciences (including anatomy, physiology, histology, pathology, immunology, pharmacology, physical and clinical diagnosis, and medical imaging) with the theory and practice of several ‘modalities’ of complementary or alternative medicine (including clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, physical manipulation, hydrotherapy, classical homeopathic medicine, and lifestyle counselling). The fourth and final year consists of over 1000 hours of work at the school’s busy student clinic, supervised by licensed NDs. technical details »

Role in the health-care system
Despite their small number, naturopathic doctors in North America are already at the forefront of the next generation of health-care providers there. NDs are highly effective in addressing the whole range of human disease, from colds and influenza to serious, chronic physical and psychological conditions. We strive to uncover the deep pattern of the disease rather than only address its symptoms as does conventional medicine, and where possible act on the level of health-care policy in order to affect the future of health-care on a wider scale. We then have a wide choice of therapies to choose from, either offering treatment ourselves or referring to other specialists as needed. Finally, we are trained in identifying situations where referral to conventional medical care is required, and actively cooperate with patients’ other health-care providers whenever possible.

Given the enormous breadth of the naturopathic profession, no single person can become clinically expert in all modalities. Therefore, while maintaining a broad perspective on treatment possibilities, NDs tend to specialize in one or two primary modalities in which they continually maintain the highest standard of training through accumulated clinical experience and continuing education through attendance in professional conferences. My specialization is classical homeopathy with which it is posible to treat an enormous range of acute and chronic disease. I have found it to produce the most striking clinical results as well as to offer the deepest understanding of health and disease. With the use of homeopathic medicine conditions considered untreatable, or ones treatable but incurable with conventional medicine, can usually be ameliorated and in many cases completely relieved in time. technical details »

Additional training
In addition to my naturopathic and homeopathic training I hold advanced certification in Bowen technique through the Bowen Academy of Australia. Bowen Technique is a remarkable system of manual therapy originated in Australia by Tom Bowen. Treatment involves a series of gentle rolling motions over specific muscle groups, through which is created system-wide relaxation and consequent rebalancing of the musculoskeletal, nervous, and hormonal system. I regularly see it produce results in several sessions even in cases where months of treatment with physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, etc. have failed to produce significant and lasting results.

Other interests
I am also active in music and in philosophy.

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