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'Spider' man Dykstra will roll 'Wheels'

Hot off his Oscar win for the visual effects in "Spider-Man 2," John Dykstra is suiting up for a ride on Columbia Pictures' "Hot Wheels" as visual effects designer for director McG rather than sign on for "Spider-Man 3." "I will miss all the terrific people I worked with on 'Spider-Man,' " Dykstra said. "But this is a great opportunity. I'm an adrenaline junkie; it's an avocation. And what's cool about 'Hot Wheels' is it allows us to explore the language of cars -- from NASA Formula One, to tuners, hot rods, classics, dinosaur cars, monster trucks and so on." Sony Imageworks' Scott Stokdyk, who also won an Oscar for his work on "Spider-Man 2," has stepped in to fill Dykstra's shoes on "Spider-Man 3." Dykstra was visual effects designer on the first two "Spider-Man" films, on which Stokdyk was visual effects supervisor. (Sheigh Crabtree) FULL STORY


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