LittleSoundDj (LSDj) by Johan Kotlinkski is a tracker style program for making music on your gameboy. LSDj takes advantage of the gameboy's sound hardware and turns it into a full fledged synthesizer and sequencer.

These tutorials will help you get the most out of this amazing program, starting with the very basics of tracking and working up to advanced topics such as programming effects, using soft synthesis, and loading your own samples.

If you find any errors in these tutorials, or think something isn't explained well, or can think of a better way to address a topic, please drop me a note. Please don't mention that the screenshots are from different versions, I may go back and fix them once I've got more lessons done. When the tutorials have been fully refined, they will be archived at the 8bp r+d page.

Also, don't be discouraged if you are new to tracking or making music and your early efforts don't sound like what you hear in your head. Most experienced trackers admit that their first fifty or so tracks sounded like ass . . . so stick with it and don't forget to have fun!

- j.ordan / starPause / reconstructing richard

lesson 00 quick start guide
if you're new to LSDj and want to make some sound fast!

lesson 01 the basics
background and reference info, making a loop

lesson 02 noise synthesis
editing NOISE INSTRUMENT, intro to commands in the PHRASE screen

lesson 03 tables
not done =)

lesson 04 acid fake
an expressive, if not convincing (riiight), emulation of the tb303

be sure you are using: demo of lsdj315!!!

suggested emulators:

if you are looking for information not included in these tutorials, check these other resources:

if you've read through these documents and are still confused, read them again ;D . . . after that, you may consider asking a friend or posting to the LSDj mailing list.