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Guidance and resources for the Immediate Intervention Underperforming Schools Program (II/USP) that provides funds to selected schools.

The State Approved External Evaluator list has expired. Education Code Section 52054 (a)(1) allows districts/schools to use any entity for external assistance. The need to maintain a state-approved list is no longer necessary.

The online system is available for data submission at http://inet2.cde.ca.gov/docservices/.
If you have questions about the system please contact the High Priority Schools Office at 916-324-3236.

Cohort 1 Resources
Public School Accountability Research Summaries.

II/USP Schools Subject to State Intervention
Cohort I and Cohort II schools that have been deemed state-monitored by the California State Board of Education.

School Assistance and Intervention Teams  (SAIT)
Under contract with state-monitored schools, SAIT investigate and provide intensive support to improve student learning. Available is a list of 2004-05 approved SAIT Providers.

Exit Criteria for II/USP
The conditions under which a school can exit II/USP are provided in the following flowchart (PDF; 33KB; 1p.).

California Law - II/USP
Education Code sections 52053-52055.52 provides the text establishing the II/USP.

Questions: School Improvement Division | 916-319-0830 
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