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2004-05-28 offers UML to SVG transfer offers an online transformation service capable of dynamically generating vector graphics from UML models.
The UML...
UML 2.0 Standard Officially Adopted at OMG Technical Meeting in Paris
Needham, MA, USA - June 12, 2003- At last week's Object Management Group™ (OMG™) Technical meeting in Paris, France, the Analysis and...
Eclipse publishes EMF Framework Version 1.1.0 release candidate
The new release features two new plugins and various improvements and bugfixes
Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) version 1.0.1 published has published version 1.0.1 of the EMF on October 4th.
The new version includes a documentation plugin, generator...
XMI and UML combine to drive product development
Countless organizations rely on UML (Unified Modeling Language) in the software development process. But software to manage UML itself...
XML Acronym Demystifier Project started
The projects collects and publishes information about the various acronyms prevalent within the XML technology. We develop a XML language...
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Mario Jeckle died

Our true friend, editor and mentor Mario Jeckle has faded away.

His life came to a sudden end on 6/11/2004 in a tragic accident as he was helping at a highway car crash.

Mario still wanted to achieve so much in life. His sudden death frightens us and fills us with profound sorrow.

No words suffice to describe Mario as a person. Through His energy, his commitment and his scientific curiosity Mario has enriched and shaped the world.

Through his happiness, optimism and helpfulness he has won our hearts.

Our thoughts are with his fiancée Barbara, his family and friends.

Dear Mario, we will remember you. Requiescat In Pace.




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