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Rib Tips Are Good!

Rib tips are really good and inexpensive. Here is a new and easy way to prepare them. These little babies were made famous by Applebee’s Restaurant Chain years ago and they sell millions of pounds a year now. With the recent price of full slabs of ribs going out of sight, Smokin’ Jim went into a “search and try”mode and came up with a really great little meat market to buy rib tips and a grilling recipe to prepare them worth sharing with you.

First, you need to drop by the E and S Foods Inc in Bunnell. You will find Ed and his son Stephen there next to Hansen Furniture at 206 N State Street. It is a small place, but Ed is a great butcher and always helpful. That is the place that I found rib tips. He ordered me a box of thirty pounds. I do not know of any store in the area other than E and S where you can find them. I hope after this recipe, there will be more of them around.

How to Prepare Rip Tips

You will need the regular large tin foil pan to put your rib tips in and pour in either pineapple juice, apple juice, or cider and add a small amount of water. Simmer the tips for about 45 minutes at medium high. Take the meat out of the juice and let cool. Sprinkle some Tony’s or any good cajun seasoning over the meat and grill until done or you may smoke the meat in your smoker for about two hours. The tips should then be cut into nugget-like portions and served with barbecue sauce. These little “nuggets of goodness” may also be heated up in your crock pot for what I call a “crock of rib tips.”

If you have any problem grilling and smoking rib tips feel free to ask any questions!