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Hot Fun in the Summer
Hello, readers of blogs. Well, we have had quite an eventful week here. It started at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Pasadena, California, shifted to Scranton, Pennsylvania, and the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Supply Company, and is now finishing up on your computers and on your television sets at home. WAW! ("What a whirlwind," for the Internet rubes.)

Letís begin at the Ritz. Last weekend the Pasadena hotel hosted the TCA Awards. TCA stands for Television Critics Association. This unbelievably smart and incredibly insightful bunch named on Sunday night The Office best comedy program of the year and named Steve Carell best actor in a comedy. It was very exciting for our little show.

Some people may say, "Well, whoop-de-doo. The Office show won some awards that we have never heard of. Congratufreakinlations."

Not so fast, my friends. Consider this: These awards are given by critics, the only award-granting people who are actually required to watch television. And believe me, based on the award winners and nominees, they know good television. Or, at least they know my favorite shows. And it truly was an honor for all of us. (Critics, please read: I would like to receive an award next year. I understand this might require you to "invent" an award for me, but, hey, it is the least you could do for receiving all this love.)

Also, letís take a moment to look at the proceedings with some perspective. Our little show has had some difficult times. We only produced six episodes our first year. And then last year ó our second season ó we were only guaranteed another six. A major reason we are still on the air was the attention we received from members of the press. They got people interested in our show. They wrote and talked about it. And now, wonder of wonders... I am writing a blog for you. Just think, if it were not for the press, you and I, dear readers, would not be meeting like this. And whose loss would that be? OK, fine ó mine. 'Cause I would be out of a job. But I so majorly digress. My main point is to the critics: Please give me an award next year. I donít even care what it is for.

From the Ritz, letís go to Scranton. This week (Monday, to be precise) Dunder-Mifflin opened its doors for business for our third season. It was great to see everyone again. Well, most everyone. I still hate that Randall Einhorn, our director of photography. And if you donít remember my sharp words about Randall, read my first blog for (shameless plug for my other material.)

Anyway, we are back filming and just let me say that the writers are in top form. The season-premiere episode was written by executive producer and grand poobah Greg Daniels, and is being directed by Ken Kwapis. Those guys are hella-good. I will repeat: hella-good.

What is new on the set, you might ask? What is happening with the various stories? Are the rumors true that Kevin is now dating Angela? Is Michael really gay? These questions and many more will be revealed come September.

And what of Jam? (The Interneters combine Jim and Pam and call them Jam, I am told. I like to think of them as Strawberry, for no particular reason.) I could tell you, but then, again, I would not be writing this blog for much longer due to the fact that I would be ó all together now ó "out of a job." If you really want to know, I suggest calling NBC and asking for Jeff Zucker. He is the only one who has clearance to give out that information.

And from Scranton, letís just climb right into your computers and your living room. This week in the webisodes, the accountants interview Stanley. Stanley can be scary, it is true, but the actor who plays Stanley, Leslie David Baker, is so gentle he could not scare a mite. ("Mite" seems weird, but I was trying to think of something small.) I met Leslie when we first auditioned for the pilot. In fact, we were there to read for the same role ó Stanley. Yes, people, that's breaking news. I originally was auditioning to play Stanley, the guy who dismisses authority and is just working to feed his family. Obviously Leslie won the role, but I scored Kevin, the guy who occupies the lowest rung on the evolutionary chain. Seems like a fair trade to me....

And on the mother ship (NBC) tonight at 8:30 pm/ET it's "Boys and Girls." Michael pays a visit to the warehouse and destroys the warehouse workers ó their spirit and their warehouse. This was a weird episode for us to film due to the fact that all of the boys and all of the girls were separated from each other for almost the whole week of filming. The office guys got to interact with the warehouse guys, though, and that is always fun. Craig Robinson and Patrice OíNeal (Darryl and Lonny) from the warehouse are so damn funny. Yeah, I said it: damn. I cursed, which means they are hella-funny. Check out this episode, especially if you missed it the first time.

And that is it, our little tour around The Office. I hope you enjoyed it. Oh, by the way... it is hot outside, isnít it? All around the country, we are experiencing a heat wave of unprecedented proportions. There is only one thing to do to beat the heat ó check out those webisodes on

(How was that for gracefully plugging the Office webisodes? Take that, PR people around the world.)

Hot fun in the summer, indeed.
Comments: 7 Last Post Jul 29, 2006 4:45 AM by: ddker »
Knowing that you are all back on set means that all is right in this world.
The TCA Awards really are a big deal and that's awesome you guys got an award. I know a lot of people really can't wait for September 21st. I know I can't.

The new Stanley webisode is hilarious, Leslie is so funny. Just keep up the good work and I'll see you in September.
When will the cast actually arrive in the city of Scranton to greet the fans and film an episode?
Are the rumors true that Kevin is now dating Angela?

Hmm.. I must be out of it, because this is the first that I've heard of such a rumor (unless this is some sort of joke on your part, in which case the Internet has failed me again in conveying the comedy).

In any case, congrats on the awards. And yes, in fact, I am one of those people who said, "Well, whoop-de-doo. The Office show won some awards that we have never heard of. Congratufreakinlations." ;) Then again, I say that about the Emmys too.
I just watched the latest webisode and thought it was great! "the jokes on Angela" was classic. I have to admit that it took me awhile to catch on to this show. I watched a couple of episodes the first season and wasn't that keen, but when they reran them, I gave it more time, and I became caught up in all of the characters. That's what makes it so good, the fact that everyone has their moment in each episode. It's just rich with comedy!! Congrats on the awards, it must make it easier to put in the hours, knowing people appreciate your work.
Kevin said: "There is only one thing to do to beat the heat ó check out those webisodes on"
but he forgot to include....
"...while running through the sprinkler with freezy pops."

I'm so looking forward to cooler weather which brings new Office episodes!

Y'all are the best!
Congratulations on the awards. It's always great to win awards, no matter how prestigious they are! And I am loving all of the webisodes. It's the extra little things like those that make 'The Office' such a terrific show!
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