Love So Rare

(for Holly, with homage to Ian Curtis) And so I rise to another sad day My room in its tired old way Its contents strewn with painful care Through these moments of life unfair Caring acts of love denied I swallowed my desperate pride Shaking my bones deep inside Again there is no place to hide As rasping jaws eat at my heart With you I never know where to start The first steps are always so hard This love has me falling apart The awful truth an ax in my mind I wish I were dumb and blind Through the fear; we will never find This love so rare, it's one of a kind

© August 1996, Reinhard Palovcik

Still Life With Room

The austere stillness of this room Its volume enclosed in four walls The pressure of my presence Within leaden limbs Fills but a fragment of its space While a near silence hangs in the air Through walls pass faint echoes Of cars, children at play A high pitched gusting of wind My mind, connected from above With perception of moment upon moment Like a brush is dragged through viscous paint Stroking grey tones on my image of this room Embedded in the ceiling a ring of light from the room's only lamp Beneath which furniture sits, quietly in fossilized crevices Amidst the absence of her breath

© August 1996, Reinhard Palovcik


Clouds of visions tumble in myriad cascades Under sleek wings of her passionate embrace Avalanches rumbling down cragged rock faces Sweeping climbers from slopes to frozen graves Glaciers shoving mountains, crushing forests Carving deep canyons filled with sap and blood Fish and seaweed spiraling skyward from Oceans of foam stirred by typhoon madness Rains of hail under corona of an eclipsed sun Pelting holes through leaves and thin tiled roofs Volcanoes spurting umbrellas of white lava Charring our bed and cities to rubble and ash The Earth exploding to massive asteroid choirs Islands and meteors hurtling away from gravity lost Until I again saw her vast landscapes of textured grain Rocking gently to the rhythm of my breath

© August 1996, Reinhard Palovcik


Looking UP, we See maSSive StructureS of SkyScraperS as MoNuMeNts BUILdinGs fiLLed with turninG Gears in a MetropoliS of enSlaved BIOSoulS Steam, Powering ProceSS, eScapeS from ventS PreSSeS Punch ForM FroM Metal Computer-Brained mind diRects cuRRent in wiRes controLLing artIfIcIaL, goaL-Seeking proCeSS Looking DOWN, IT sees ITs body mEcHaNiCal eLEcTRoNIc digiTal THougHTs from InfInIte lIbrarIes Of Optically stOred media EMotIoNs INgraINed IN chaoTIc haRD-wiReD AnAlOg nEUrAL nEtwOrks A meLOdiOUS HEART-RenDing Song DODges BEtwEEN DOpeD aND uNDopeD Silcon cryStalS Life is but iNforMatioN iN space ON a NoN-lINeaR diffeRentiaL RoLLeR coasteR THrouGH DisTance and Time MOrphing To frAcTAL TempOrO-spATiAL aTTracTiOn TO CHAOs Some of this INforMatioN is theN SQUASHED past the iNterdiMeNsioNal Mesh into the likes of YOU and ME

© July, 1996 Reinhard Palovcik