FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system (mostly achieved.) Today, FreeDOS is ideal for anyone who wants to bundle a version of DOS without having to pay a royalty for use of DOS. FreeDOS will also work on old hardware, in DOS emulators, and in embedded systems. FreeDOS is also an invaluable resource for people who would like to develop their own operating system. While there are many free operating systems out there, no other free DOS-compatible operating system exists.
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We are now in hard freeze, in preparation for the FreeDOS "1.0" distribution. What we mean by HARD FREEZE: The distribution remains closed to new software; we will not add new packages to the Software List. Developers can still release bug fixes, but only those that are deemed "critical" will be allowed into the distribution. New "point releases" of software will not be added to the distribution unless they also contain "critical" bug fixes over an existing version. For example, if we find the FOO 1.0 program has a horrible bug that accidentally reboots your computer, we'd take a FOO 1.1. But if BAZ 2.2 comes out (say, current version is 2.1) and fixes some minor bugs to make the output look nice, and maybe adds new features like colorful full-screen menus, we wouldn't take that one.
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FreeDOS EMM386/HIMEM 2.25 New Release
2006-08-20 09:45 -
Michael Devore wrote: "Uploaded to are the files, EMM386 2.25 and HIMEM version 3.25 memory manager, mostly executable files; and, source code files. This release of EMM386 and HIMEM works around a bug in some BIOS chips which affects HIMEM, improves compatibility with virtual environments and Ensemble/GEOS automatically without requiring manual addition of options, and adds an advanced NODISABLEA20 option to EMM386 by popular demand."
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2006-08-14 14:06 -
"Fritz Mueller" has created a special FreeDOS boot CD that includes lots of free DOS games. It's a great way to play those great DOS games. "Fritz" writes: "the freedos games CD is close to the 100 games version. In reality there are already more than 100 games on it (in about 130), but I only count the main menu. I do not add sound card drivers as they are no freeware, but I will try to add some more "prepared drivers", means: the user has to add them himself by copying them himself on the disk, the batch is prepared." The main web site is (click on "Installation disk") but is also mirrored at
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FreeBASIC 0.17 on FreeDOS
2006-08-14 13:39 -
StopTCPA writes: "The FreeBASIC developers fixed the olg bug in the graphics library, making it unusable in DOS. The fix is not yet included in the latest 0.17 testing Jul 30 release, only available as a separate file for download. FreeBASIC is a 32 bit BASIC compiler, quite compatible with QB, removing the memory limitations and providing other enhancements. With this fix, it also offers VESA-based (1.2 BS or >=2.0 LFB) graphics up to 1280x1024x32bpp. The project is only 2 years old and has a low version number, but is quite useable nervertheless. [...] Also, there is a new FB HELP viewer for DOS (without, FB is almost ununsable), that should be included." Available at - download the fix directly at ... you can find the help viewer at
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oZone 0.56 test version released
2006-08-14 13:23 -
Florian Xaver wrote: "I uploaded latest binary & source code of oZone ( 4.9MB ) to ... also available at - Just unzip it into a new directory. I haven't made many changes, but useful: The Navigator (Windows user would say Explorer) shows SIZE, CTIME, ATIME, MTIME and DATE of the files now. You can sort the directory view by these new fields. And the tree is sorted by NAMES. The Note-tool is loaded by default now.I think oZone is really usefull now. Please try it, I am happy about feedback. PS: It needs a mouse driver, cwsdpmi (included in FreeDOS 1.0) AND doslfn!"
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FreeDOS Defrag 1.0
2006-08-14 13:15 -
Imre Leber writes: ""I am hereby posting a long overdue version of defrag. It has fixes regarding the interface. The command line interface now actually works and there is now the status bar is updated in "move file fragments together" mode. I am hereby releasing version 1 of defrag. It has been tested in depth on FAT12 and FAT16. This release features: - no prompt to say that this is a beta version - the drive map is now correctly updated in "unfragment files only" - you can now stop "crunch only" mode with the F3 key." You can get it at
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FreeDOS EMM386/HIMEM 2.23 New Release
2006-08-11 05:55 -
Michael Devore writes: "Uploaded to are the files, EMM386 and HIMEM version 2.23 memory manager, mostly executable files; and, source code files. This release of EMM386 and HIMEM should improve compatibility with some DOS-extender applications, such as Doom, under various configurations including the Qemu and VPC 2004 virtual environments. It corrects a problem with using the 'G' gigabyte suffix for numeric parameters in EMM386 and HIMEM. For developers, a new build system to allow multiple compilers to construct the managers was also added by Arkady V.Belousov, although not yet officially supported. If anyone had problems running certain applications under a virtual environment, or real DOS, a tryout of this release is recommended."
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2006-08-10 13:56 -
Aitor has posted a small patch to FreeDOS DISPLAY: "I thereby announce DISPLAY 0.13b, a small patch over DISPLAY 0.13. Changes: - The DR-FONT bug notified by John Elliot - There was a bug with the CGA specific code - The double-SELECT bug found by John Elliot is fixed too - Some code is simplified in the PREPARE routines - The documentation for how to contribute code for other hardware is updated too, according to the changes in DISPLAY 0.13. The last documentation refers to the fact that you can now write hardware-specific codepage management routines easily. You basically write how big you need your buffer, how to select a hardwired or a software buffer, and how to read if your hardware comes in a strange format in a CPI file. The rest (commandline, buffering, hot-codepage swap, monitoring, multiplexer and [pseudo-]IOCTL,...) are generic." The original location is at (or use a mirror):
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Arachne v1.90 (GPL) updated
2006-08-01 15:17 -
As reported by Florian on the mailing list, looks like Arachne 1.90 got updated on July 24, 2006. According to "The old library files (hixlov.lib and wattcplg.lib), were inadvertently used in the original release. The package above now contains this updated core.exe (you may download just this file.... to upgrade to v1.90JG,r1)." Not a major release, but important to mention for those of you using the Arachne browser.
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FoxType to display UTF-8
2006-08-01 15:09 -
I thought this was neat, so I wanted to re-post Fox's email: "I wrote a little program, which displays text files coded with UTF-8. It displays files in 80 columns / 30 rows (of course in graphic mode). I named it "FoxType". For now, my program support not much of the unicode characters, but I will add more if I get positive comments. Actually, the following languages are fully supported: English (ASCII), Polish, French, Russian. Maybe more, but I am not sure, as I don't speak more languages and I don't know which characters are needed in any other specific language. VGA adapter is needed. It is now possible to display a multilanguage text file in FreeDOS." Check it out at
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New version 2.21 EMM386 released
2006-08-01 14:46 -
Michael Devore has posted another update to FreeDOS EMM386: "Uploaded to are the files, EMM386 version 2.21 memory manager, mostly executable files; and, source code files. This release of EMM386 has a few fixes and changes, mostly directed to Qemu and FDAPM users, although those modifications are untested for that environment. It also fixes a problem with an advanced EMS handle name set function, EMS free page reporting when using the deprecated EMM= option, and internal corrections that may affect a few people. If you are still having problems with EMM386 2.20, version 2.21 is recommended. HIMEM is unchanged." Read on for details:
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