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KTurtle is a Logo programming language interpreter for KDE. The Logo programming language is very easy and thus it can be used by young children. A unique quality of Logo is that the commands or instructions can be translated (please see the translation how to if you want to help in your own language), so the 'programmer' can program in his or her native language. This makes Logo ideal for teaching kids the basics of programming, mathematics and geometry. One of the reasons many children like Logo is because of the turtle, a programmable icon which can be moved around the screen with simple commands and can be programmed to draw objects.

As for now, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk), Polish, Slovenian, Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin), Spanish and Swedish are available. Please see the translation page for credits about language contributors and to know how to add your language to KTurtle.

The first version Logo programming language was created by Seymour Papert of MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 1967 as an ofshoot of the LISP programming language. From then many versions of Logo have been released. By 1980 Logo was gaining momentum, with versions for MSX, Commodore, Atari, and IBM PC systems. These versions were mainly for educational purposes. LCSI released MacLogo in 1985 as a tool for professional programmers, but it never caught on. MIT is still maintaining a site on Logo which can be found on: http://el.media.mit.edu/logo-foundation/.

Today there are several versions of Logo around which can easily be found on MIT's Logo site and by a simple Google search. This version of Logo (KTurtle) is only focused on the educational qualities of the programming language and will not try to suit professional programmers needs.

Why Logo? Logo is recommended for teaching kids as you begin by controlling the actions of a cybernetic turtle in a graphic environment that provides immediate feedback. These immediate actions let you "see" what you are thinking. And as you grow, so does Logo, from the immediate graphic environment into a structured and procedural programming environment for exploring mathematics, language, science, computer, number systems and more.


KTurtle features:
  • an integrated Logo interpreter, no need to download any other program
  • a powerful editor for the Logo commands with syntax highlighting, line numbering and more
  • a nice "playground" for the turtle where your commands are "displayed"
  • translation of the Logo commands in 15 languages: Dutch, English (US and GB), French, German, Italian, Norvegian (nl and nn), Polish, Portuguese (pt_BR), Serbian (cyrillic and latin), Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish
  • full-screen mode
  • context help for each Logo command

Please see the online slideshow to learn more about KTurtle.

Latest News

Date Headline
14th September 2004 KTurtle won 3rd prize in Dutch Educational contest
26 May 2004 KTurtle is part of the kdeedu module
19 February 2004 The Turtle will be at FOSDEM

Author: Anne-Marie Mahfouf
Last update: 2006-08-05

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