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Wednesday, 05 January 2005

Four black and white pictures of soldiers participating in various exercises supported by the US Army Medical Department Battle Simulation Center.

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Nuclear Symbol Biological Symbol Chemical Symbol

Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical symbols

A few years ago, there had been three variations of the chemical hazard symbol in use.  One was a picture of a death's head, or skull and crossbones.  The other was a beaker.  The last was a pair of beakers with their necks crossed.

When NBC CTS was first created, it bothered us not only that the chemical symbols differed so greatly in design from the nuclear hazard and biological hazard symbols, but also that there was more than one standard in use.  It was for this reason that we constructed our own chemical hazard symbol, as seen above.  It has an atom-like look to it, which is appropriate for chemicals.

Soon, the NBC Defense Officer at the Army Office of the Surgeon General had adopted the symbol as the standard.  Now, throughout the Army, the new chemical hazard symbol can be seen in use from OTSG slide presentations to NBC manual covers.

The symbol is available for your own use on the downloads page.  We only ask that you use the symbol in the spirit it is intended - as a chemical hazard symbol - to avoid diluting its meaning.


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