Environmental Considerations for Dover

With summer upon us and many people heading to dover island, we would like to take the chance to share some concerns and considerations for attenting.

  1. It is strongly encourged to leave all pets at home. They have been known to disturbe and even kill wildlife nesting on the island.
  2. Make sure you stick to all trails and not wonder off.
  3. When pitching your tent please do your best to protect the plant life. We encourage you to pitch your tent on the rock or in areas that are less sensative. There are many areas constantly used for camping that are now large dead spots, please do not use these areas, we would like to see them grow in again.

Cash, Check or Credit Card

Just a reminder that we take cash, checks or credit card (through Paypal - no you don't have to become a member of paypal) for memberships, boulderfest and everything else. To purchase a membership and/or boulderfest tickets please use the online store and select the payment method. If you are sending cash or check (please no cash in the mail - only in person) the mailing address is:

Climb Nova Scotia,
C/O Sport Nova Scota,
5516 Spring Garden Road,
4th floor,
B3J 1G6


Waivers are now available by selecting Events>>Waivers in the menu. If you scroll to the bottom you can download in either pdf or word formats.

If you are a new member of CNS or attending boulderfest please send in a signed waiver or bring one along. If you are under 19 please make sure to have a parent/guardian sign it.

If you are attending boulderfest you have to have a signed waiver again even if you signed one last year!

2006 AGM

Climb Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 6:30 pm
2nd Floor Classroom, Sport Nova Scotia building, 5516 Spring Garden Road

- Minutes of Last Meeting
- President's Report (summery of what CNS did this year)
- Auditor's Report (CNS budget and financial situation)
- Election of Directors
- Election of Chairperson (New President)
- Discussion on proposal to admit climbers under the age of 16 as a class to membership as associate members. This would allow CNS to have junior members using Article 3, clause 02 of the Climb Nova Scotia bylaws.
- Open Boulderfest registration (For members)

TB Woods Bouldering Day

*** Open to Climb Nova Scotia Members Only (Support CNS)***

Date: Saturday October 29, 2005
Time: 10am
Where: Terence Bay (directions will be posted and emailed to participants closer to eventdate)
Cost: Free! (It pays to be a member!)
Tentative Rain Date: Sunday October 30, 2005

Registration is limited to the first 50 registrants. The Terence Bay Woods area is on private property and is closed to the public including rock climbing. This Climb Nova Scotia one-day-only event is your only chance to experience bouldering in this beautiful area.
Every participant will have to sign a Climb Nova Scotia liability waiver (under age climbers need a parent or guardian’s signature).

Welsford Access

The Welsford Access issue is in the final stages of resolution. On May 31, 2005 a meeting was held with Base Gagetown to resolve access issues regarding Cochrane Lane and Mt. Douglas climbing areas. As of today June 2, 2005 any member of the general public may use the above areas for rock climbing with approval. Meaning, a day pass is required to access the above areas each visit. Day passes may be picked up at Blue Mountain, Camp Petersville (10 min from Welsford towards Fredericton), or Building K-69 in Oromocto. This is the way it has supposed to have been in the past and will continue to be. The purpose of these passes is to allow Base Officials to maintain control over the Base property, meaning, know where people are, and when. The day pass process is very simple and takes only a short time. For information you may call 506-422-2000 ext 2482.