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About Kalkan - Historical Sites


At approximately 10 kms. over Kalkan on the Kalkan Fethiye highway outside you turn the south and continue 10 kms. along the road to Patara. Painted ceramic(s) found in the Akropolise examines that the city in 5. Century B.C. Patara opened its doors to Alexander the large existed, thus they-acquired, additionally to its the place of birth of STR they-acquires the status of an important port the Nicholas. The three-way entry, by which one comes Patara, to have been thought, in 100 A.D established. One of its most important buildings are its theatre, which is buried now in the sand.

Mettius Modestus victory gate
Mettius Modestus victory gate


This is the oldest and largest city of the mountain province agreed upon by Lycia, in lowers the Xanthos of river. Until the Persian invasion was it an independent state. When the people of Xanthos determined, which had courageously tried to defend their city the fact that they did not know the repulse invasion killed them first its wives fixed mass suicide, by throwing themselves into the flames. Approximately 80 survivors families and people, which immigrated there, built the city, but a fire, which broke out approximately 100 years later, razed it to soil over. Nevertheless the city was converted again and, resulting from manufacturing the good relations with the west, regarded as important center. However Xanthos met again a unfortunate end. Resulting from resisting the taxes the Athenians wanted to impose upon in 429 B.C., the city to them largely was destroyed and the inhabitants into a war drawn. And therefore Xanthos became "a city of accidents". The city consists of the Lycian Akropolise and the parts, which are outside them, as well as the Roman Akropolis remaining. The most interesting building is the Roman theatre and the buildings of the western shore LINE of the theatre. Is from these the most famous Harpy monument, which is family a Sarkophag, which is set up on rock. The collecting main of this discharge verzierten Sarkophags is in the British museum, and a very good copy from this is in its place. Let us close can seen very interesting Lycian Sarcophagi of 6. and 1. Centuries B.C past its.

Xanthos theatre
Harpy Monument and Lycian sarcophagus


In order to reach Letoon, you turn the west a kilometer over the road of KINIK outside to Fethiye and continue 5 kilometers. The history of Letoon is connected near with by Xanthos. It admits one the most important pious the Lycian region to have been in the middle. Because of the rising water level, archaeological excavations were shifted. The excavated Remains it indicate that it the period between that 7. Century B.C. and that 6. Belong to century A.D. The most important building is the Greek kind theatre, which was conserved until our day.



Patara Beach