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Welcome to the directory and search engine of Tolkien and Lord of the Rings links on the Web. This is a searchable guide and index to sites relating to J. R. R. Tolkien, Middle Earth, both The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the movies, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and other books.


Art Sites (14)
Tolkien art gallery sites.
Bibliographies (3)
J.R.R.T. bibliographies.
Biographies (3)
Biographies about John Ronald Reuel Tolkien or Christopher Tolkien.
Collectibles (7)
Sites about collectibles and collecting of figurines, action figures, memorabilia, toys and other items.
Communities (41) new
Forums, chats, email discussion groups, lists and news groups.
Directories (13)
Tolkien and fantasy oriented search engines, directories, top sites, webrings and link sites.
Downloads (8)
Media, fonts, clipart, backgrounds and wallpapers inspired by Tolkien's fiction and available for downloading.
Fan Fiction (19) new
Tolkien and LOTR fan fiction archives and websites.
Games (29)
Role playing, collectable card games, electronic games and online MUD's and MUSH's.
General Interest (43)
Any site that does not quite fit in any other category in the directory, including mega-sites and many commercial sites.
Homepages (39)
Fan sites and personal home pages.
International (10)
All non-English sites devoted to Tolkien or the Lord of the Rings movies.
Middle Earth (23)
Sites about the races, kingdoms, lands, places societies of Middle Earth.
Movies (20) new
Sites covering the movies, including news, gossip and sites about the cast, crew and special effects.
Music (12)
Recordings, lyrics and music inspired by the books or movies. Also sites about the soundtracks from the films.
Organizations (13)
Clubs, societies and other organizations.
Related Sites (4)
Selected websites related to Tolkien or LOTR.
Scholarly Studies (16)
Academic and other serious essays about Tolkien's writing. Including, sites covering languages, runes and other alphabets.
Webmaster (3)
Selected resources that we think are useful to Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth and Tolkien webmasters.

There are 320 links for you to choose from!


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