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Klenz-Worx  (idea #141)
Date: 2005-02-08 
Category: Consumable / Personal Product
Price: 50
Target Audience: Personal products manufacturers

Description: If you're a needle drug user who's on the road, you may know how to clean your rig perfectly well, but still lack access to bleach, distilled water, and sanitary containers. What are you supposed to do, carry a supply of cups and bottles around everywhere? Klenz-Worx has a better way for you to treat yourself right. The one-use hypodermic sanitizing system, available at willing retailers nationwide, gives you the fresh bleach and water you need in a conveniently portable, foil-sealed plastic container-- and at just 99 cents, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg! The compact kit resembles one of those single-serving breakfast cereal packs, but with multiple mini compartments. Just poke your spike through the foil on each of the five clearly-numbered spots, then draw, shake, and squirt out in sequence, and you're ready to go. Compartment two contains the bleach, while the rest hold distilled water, so you get the recommended three good rinses after disinfection. Sweet! And, next time you're sending supplies to the Third World as part of a large-scale relief effort, throw in some Klenz-Worx kits for general medical use by the people down there. They'll certainly be appreciated!


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