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Astrological Wall Orrery (and Wrist Orrery)  (idea #110)
Date: 2004-02-13 
Category: Durable / Electronic
Price: 50
Target Audience: Decorative electric clock and watch manufacturers

Description: AstroWin, Delphi, and other astrology apps are great for drawing up and analyzing charts for past and future events, but what if you just want to check where the planets are now, without having to consult a computer or handheld? The Astrological Wall Orrery is an attractive and affordable quartz-movement wall clock that doesn't just show the time-- it also displays the current zodiac positions of all the planets, giving you a complete, anytime read on your current astro status. Unlike traditional mechanical orreries, it isn't this ridiculously huge and expensive thing you'd only expect to find in a museum. But it does make a strong decorative statement that's in tune with the universe. For planetary guidance anywhere, strap on the Wrist Orrery, which captures all that great solar-system action in a snazzy-looking wristwatch. Hey babe, would you like to know what's rising right now?

Notes: Something like this must already exist -- please send a name or pointer if you know of one.

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