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Primary Juice  (idea #136)
Date: 2004-12-15 
Category: Consumable / Beverage
Price: 50
Target Audience: Fruit juice companies

Description: Simple shapes and primary colors are good for young children because they constitute the building blocks of visual perception. Yet, tragically, some unthinking parents pack their kids' lunches with profit-maximizing fruit juice blends, robbing them of their ability to distinguish individual flavors beyond simply recognizing the muddy slurry coming up their straw as "juice." Primary Juice rejects this crippling of our childrens' developing tastes with a line of pure, elemental fruit juices such as apple, cranberry, tangerine, and quince. Sweetening and dilution, where required (as with cranberry) are given by refined fructose and branch water, neutral ingredients that don't detract from the original fruit. Dishonest, flavor-marring sweetening agents like grape juice concentrate, agave extract, and evaporated cane juice, need not apply! Older children can graduate to the Primary Juice Varietals line, which includes Pink Lady Apple, Cabernet Franc grape, and other wholesome juices pressed from single-variety fruit, each carefully selected to further refine your child's palate-- and by extension, his or her overall sophistication and future likelihood of success. Turn your Baby Einstein into a Toddler Brillat-Savarin!

Notes: Obviously there are pure/natural/upscale fruit juices already, so this is basically a marketing/positioning thing to siphon consumers away from Tropicana Twister, Knudsen and Ocean Spray blends, etc.

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