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The Slingtrack  (idea #146)
Date: 2005-05-29 
Category: Durable / Outdoor
Price: 50
Target Audience: Hunting equipment manufacturers.

Description: Jai-alai players use a wicker cesta to hurl rubber pelota balls at speeds of over 160 mph, making them the fastest thrown objects in the world. The cesta works by increasing the length of the throwing arm and the amount of time it has contact with the ball, which lets the thrower convert more muscle energy into forward projectile velocity. The Slingtrack follows the same principle, but it's designed to propel metal bearings, not rubber balls, and it's designed for throwing only, not catching. The size, shape, and balance of the light, ultra-smooth track derive from all appropriate heavy-math equations, optimizing projectile speed through physics, human-factors engineering, and modern fabrication techniques, rather than traditional basket-weaving. With no moving parts and no explosives, this durable, proto-World War IV weapon hurls spherical steel or brass projectiles, more massive than bullets, at bone-shattering velocities. And, while it takes quite a bit of practice to achieve high accuracy, no training is required for using the Slingtrack to fling a ball-bearing with lethal force in some generally-intended direction.

Notes: A junior version of this product, Slingtrack Jr., uses a narrow-walled, curved track to propel pennies at similarly dangerous velocities-- enough to gouge out eyes, if not crush skulls.

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