V.p & Head of National sports Org. First Vice president Government Spokesman & Head of presidential office
V.P & Head of Atomic Energy Org. V.P & Head of Management and planning Org. V.P  for Legal & parl.Affairs
Minister of Commerce Minister of Justice V.P & Head of Environmental protection Org.
Interior Minister Minister of  Housing & Urban Development Minister of Communication & Information Technology
Minister of  Energy Minister of Health Minister of Social Affairs
Minister of  Roads and Transportation Minister of Industries & Mines Minister of Agricultural Jihad
Minister of  Labour and Social Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of culture & Islamic Guidance
Minister of  Science, Research & Technology Minister of Education Minister of Economy and Finance affairs
Minister of Intelligence Petroleum Minister Minister of Defense & Logistics
V.P & Martyrs and self sacrifice's affairs Foundation chief V.P for Executive Affairs V.P & cultural Heritage & Tourism org.Chief
  Minister of  Cooperatives