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Assistant Director, Center for Academic Excellence
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Fairfield University
(203) 254-4000 x. 3190

About Me
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Curriculum Vita
Teaching Philosophy

Course Resources
Modern Philosophy: From Descartes to Derrida
Concepts that Unite Disciplines (syllabus, guidelines, outcomes)

Teaching & Training Methods (Teaching Certificate in Critical Thinking & Leadership 3)
Internship Practicum (
Teaching Certificate in Critical Thinking & Leadership 4)

Scholarly Publications
Listening - Beyond Telling to Being What We Want To Teach (in JAEPL)
Motivating Students - Evoking Transformative Learning & Growth (in ETC.)
Applying Learning to Life - A Theoretical Framework in Context (in ETC.)
One Hundred Questions - A Transformational Experience (in Socrates' Way)
A System for Everything: Review of Ken Wilber's A Brief History of Everything (in New Ideas in Psychology)
Undecidability - Interconnections of Deconstruction, Chaos Theory & Quantum Physics (book chapter)

Unpublished Manuscripts
Encouraging Consciousness Development in the College Classroom (dissertation)
Learners of the World, Unite (edited book manuscript by Rachel Lauer)

Personal Writing
My Deal With Mom
Summer from Hell: A Hot Loft Dissertation Saga

Faculty Development Facilitation
From Controversy to Empathic Discourse: Deepening the Dialogue (workshop resources)