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COIN#12: Chrome

To celebrate our Travel Issue, Chrome has sent us a suitcase full of courier bags to give to you our beloved readers.

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New Zealand As Seen by Holga
Photo: Jesse Ameson

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Suitcase Full of Art

The topo might seal the deal on our travel destinations, but we always come home with something more than just a fond memory of rock. Our passion for living, exploring, creating and learning won't allow us to keep the blinders on.

And the artists of UC's travel issue prove it.

They offer us fresh, personal perspectives on Puerto Rico, France, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Austria, Pakistan and Japan. Through stunning photo essays, humorous accounts, heartfelt messages and journals we are taken to relive their most cherished experiences, albeit climbing or not. Maybe raw horse with soy sauce deserves mentioning more than that insane highball problem. Maybe the answer to "why would you live in Pakistan?" needs to be addressed before thousands of untapped boulders can be written about. Concluding and summing up a yearlong travelogue from Austria, India and South Africa with a simple environmental note may be more important than a ticklist of hard sends. Striking snapshots of Provence in shades of blue, and a climber with arms outstretched, hugging the brisk wide openness of southern France might easily send someone packing before they even see a single climbing pic. Maybe surfing Rincon and sipping rum and pineapple juice from paper cups can only be topped by the genuine, enthusiastic smiles of a small group of Puerto Rican sport climbers. And maybe the magic of New Zealand's rolling hills, pristine boulders, snow covered mountains and "bluebird" skies can best be captured with the lens of an old plastic camera - on black and white film. Just maybe.

I wasn't looking to create a typical "guide" to the world when approaching the lineup for UC12. "How boring and overdone THAT would be..." I thought. " I want art that inspires travel." And that is exactly what I'm proud to present; a magazine full of timeless, graphic depictions of memories and messages that began with a search for climbing around the world and ended up in our suitcase full of art.

See you out there,

Joe Iurato

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