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Pickling Cucumber Variety Trials

Project Leader: Mario Herrera, President Of Northern Colorado Pickle Cooperative, Loveland, CO

Technical Advisor: Ernie Marx, CSU Extension Agent, Fort Collins, CO

Project Year: 2005

picture from: www.images.google.com

Project Summary

The Northern Colorado Pickle Cooperative (NCPC) produced 320 acres of cucumbers under contract with Dean Foods, Inc. in 2004. They grew two varieties: Vlaspik and Lafayette. Some problems were encountered, such as carpel separation and the variability of yields. They would like to increase the acreage of cucumbers grown and to conduct field-scale trials to identify superior pickling cucumber varieties for machine-harvest in the northern Front Range region. Results from this project could improve yields and profitability for area growers.

Four to six varieties of cucumbers will be selected based on yield potential, disease resistance, environmental adaptation, and fruit quality. Trials will be grown on three farms with two planting dates on each farm. Standard grower practices will be used. Strategy herbicide will be applied at planting for weed control, no insect or disease control will be used. A beehive will be placed at the center of every one acre section for pollination for a minimum of ten days. Prior to machine-harvest, twenty row feet will be hand-harvested and the data collected from those cucumbers will be compared with the quality of the machine-harvested cucumbers.

Click here for the full text of the 2005 Final Report (Microsoft Word document).

Colorado State University College of Agricultural Sciences Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture