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Colorado Crop to Cuisine: Strengthening Market Relationships Between Chefs and Specialty Crop Producers

Project Leader: Cindy L. Shoemaker for Colorado Crop to Cuisine

Technical Advisor: Dawn Thilmany, Associate Professor and Extension Economist, Colorado State University

Project Year: 2004


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Project Summary

The goal of this project is to strengthen marketing relationships and marketing opportunities between specialty crop producers and chefs/restaurateurs thereby increasing and preserving local agriculture. The objectives of this project are to diversify the marketing plan for CCC (Colorado Crops to Cuisine) and develop value-added products for chefs and increase the total product lines offered; and to complete a business and marketing plan for deli and catering menus featuring Colorado products, as well as value-added products targeting food service customers.

  • CCC worked with the Colorado Harmony Market (HM) to explore a retail market and HM allowed utilization of storage space. Because of these, CCC was able to expand their level of outreach and exposure in the town of Fort Collins.
  • CCC has established a partnership with Fiona's Deli in Fort Collins and new, value-added products will be created to fit Fiona's business needs and menus promoting local foods will be developed. The deli will provide consultation targeted to improve interest and appeal to these products to others in the food service industry.
  • CCC also developed a business plan that details the costs involved in the processing and sales of their new recipes. They finished the season with a significant increase in sales, indicating a boost in support and recognition from producer-members as well as chefs and consumers in the community.

Please click here for a link to the full text of the 2004 Annual Report (Word document).

Colorado State University College of Agricultural Sciences Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture