How our readers view The Economist

�The magazine I spend most of my days reading is The Economist."

Bill Gates, Chairman & Founder, Microsoft


"As I wend my way home, I fight off the sophorific motion of the train and dessert on The Economist, a fine end to a media-filled day."

Charles Hamlin, Chief Executive Officer, Van Wagner UK


"I've been reading it for 25 years, maybe more. It's an important part of my life support system. If I don't get The Economist where do I turn?"

Chris Patten, former Governor of Hong Kong, former member of the European Commission, External Relations (now Chancellor of Oxford University)


"I am an avid and devoted reader of The Economist."

Christiane Amanpour, CNN's chief international correspondent, London


"I read Private Eye, and usually The Spectator. Recently, I've had to look at a couple of issues of The Economist. I found it quite entertaining, surprisingly - there's something so ponderous about the title."

Clive Anderson, author, presenter


"The Economist has an extensive knowledge of economies, markets and companies around the world, and a very good reputation for independent judgement."

Frederick Walsh, former President, Morgan Stanley Capital International


"In the motor car industry we think that what The Economist has to say is important for checking its judgement with our judgement. If we have delegates going to work abroad we recommend it as working material and background knowledge."

Giovanni Agnelli, the late President, Fiat.


"It is compelling reading and of course its economic features are something that not just politicians but business men and women right across the world want to read."

Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, UK


"The Economist is almost the only publication that I know that deals with issues conceptually and at the same time practically� It is one of the few publications that I read regularly."

Henry Kissinger, former US Defence Secretary


"I live in Hong Kong, which is the freest market in the world, almost, in the last 150 years and the paper really has a great resonance with what Hong Kong is."

Jimmy Lai, Owner, Apple Daily newspaper


"The Economist 'Wall Street' survey was one of the most comprehensive and valuable editorial pieces I have read on global capital markets. We've distributed copies to our top sales professionals and select clients."

John Heimann, former Chairman, Global Financial Institutions, Merrill Lynch


�I used to think. Now, I just read The Economist.�

Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle Corp.


"The Economist is important for us, bearing in mind that we operate to 40 countries and 40 to 45 cities, that we are aware of what's going on, what's likely to happen in the cities and the countries we operate to."

JY Pillay, former Chairman Singapore Airlines, former Singapore High Commissioner in London, Chairman Singapore Exchange Ltd


"I hope you have all read this week's Economist"

Margaret Thatcher to journalists, Madrid Summit


"The Economist provides me with an overall background with which to evaluate the changes going on in our business."

Martin Sorrell, Chairman WPP


"When I was foreign minister The Economist provided me with useful information and insight."

Mr Sapara Okita, former Foreign Minister, Japan


"We were receiving The Economist and reading the news we hungered for."

Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, former President of African National Congress, (now Founder of Nelson Mandela Foundation)


"I would say I have quite a strong relationship with the paper. I wait for it, I read it. It is for me a time of pleasure and leisure�I wait for the end of the article to have this touch of English humour, which for me is the cherry on the cake.

Patrick Thomas, Hermes International, CEO


"The reader will notice that I quote a great deal from two outside sources. One is The Economist, which has been far, far ahead of every other news organization in understanding and reporting on globalization (here the reader may also notice the heavy ideological baggage with which The Economist's "understanding" of globalization is freighted). The other is ads from Madison Avenue. For some reason, advertising copywriters have a tremendous insight into globalization, and I have not hesitated to draw on their work."

Thomas L. Friedman, author of The World is Flat


"You know that when you read an article it has been well-researched and something you can trust. They have people on the airline business who know the airline business inside and out. I remember reading an article there which indicated oil wasn't going to go through the roof and therefore we decided not to protect it, they were right on that."

Richard Branson, Owner, Virgin Group


"Know where I got these numbers? he asked. "From the Economist. A remarkable cover story showing a wilting Eiffel Tower and pregnant Statue of Liberty. It changed my view of the world.�

Rick Waggoner, CEO, General Motors


"The Economist is the only magazine I carry in my briefcase."

Rod Eddington, former CEO, British Airways


"Trends are vital to my business.  The Economist for me is an opinion former.  It's a sort of business barometer.  The Economist for me is almost an integral part of my life."

Ron Dennis, CEO, McLaren


"How did The Economist put it?"

Ronald Reagan, former US President


"I like the layout of The Economist - the emphasis it puts on the United States and Europe in different sections.  The balance is right."

Sir Peter Walters, ex-Chairman of BP, SmithKline Beecham, now Chairman of TNK Int. Advisory Board (Russian oil co.)


"He gets his information on current affairs from the Economist these days, he says. You better say that I read Time magazine, too. You better say that. But it's not really for me. It's too populist."

Ted Turner, CNN Founder


"In the words of a recent editorial in The Economist, Wishful thinking in the face of mortal danger is bad policy".  And as President Bush has made clear, the government of the United States will not look the other way as threats accumulate against us."

Vice President Dick Cheney


"There are several reasons why I read The Economist: number one, it appears only once a week and nevertheless gives you a good overview of what has happened in the economic world and a little bit also in the political world.  And I really mean the world, not just Britain, or not just Europe."

Helmut Schmidt, former Chancellor, West Germany

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