Control and Disciplinary Body

The Control and Disciplinary Body is one of UEFA’s three organs for the administration of justice, together with the Appeals Body and UEFA Disciplinary Inspector. It consists of a chairman and nine members, and elects three vice-chairmen from among its members. As one of UEFA’s disciplinary bodies, it is independent, but its members are bound by UEFA’s rules and regulations.

The Control and Disciplinary Body deals with disciplinary cases, both on and off the field, which arise from the UEFA Statutes, regulations and decisions of UEFA that do not fall within another committee or body’s competence. It also decides on eligibility to play.

Proceedings are instigated on the basis of official reports; if a protest has been lodged; for reported violations of UEFA’s Statutes, regulations and decisions; or at the request of the UEFA President or Chief Executive. Appeals against the Control and Disciplinary Body’s decisions are referred to the Appeals Body.

The Control and Disciplinary Body decides on the halting of proceedings; acquittals; convictions; and the dismissal or acceptance of protests. The disciplinary bodies may impose a series of disciplinary measures against member associations and clubs:
a) warning
b) reprimand
c) fine
d) annulment of the result of a match
e) order that a match be replayed
f) deduction of points
g) awarding of a match by default
h) playing of a match behind closed doors
i) stadium ban
j) playing of a match in a third country
k) disqualification from competitions in progress and/or exclusion from future competitions as well as the following disciplinary measures against individuals:
a) warning
b) reprimand
c) fine
d) suspension for a definite number of matches or for a definite or indefinite period
e) suspension from carrying out a function for a definite number of matches or for a definite or indefinite period
f) ban on exercising any football-related activity

Disciplinary Inspectors
Disciplinary Inspectors represent UEFA in disciplinary proceedings. They may lodge appeals and cross-appeals. Disciplinary Inspectors are appointed by the UEFA Executive Committee. The Executive Committee, the UEFA President, the UEFA Chief Executive or the disciplinary bodies can commission disciplinary inspectors to conduct investigations.

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  • David Taylor
  • Emilio Garcia Silvero
  • Jacques Antenen
  • Jim Stjerne Hansen
  • Joël Wolff
  • John Delaney
  • Maurizio Laudi
  • Rainer Koch
  • Sándor Berzi
  • Thomas Partl