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In Australia, several states have enacted smokefree air laws for workplaces and public places, some including casinos.

Tasmania: As of January 1, 2006, all public places and workplaces, including bars must be 100% smokefree. The legislation also prohibits smoking within 3 metres of entrances or exits of non-domestic buildings, furthermore at least half of the tables in outdoor dining areas must be smoke-free.

Queensland: Under the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Amendment Act 2004, passed in November 2004, all workplaces, including restaurants, bars, clubs, outdoor areas where food and drink are served, and sporting stadiums are all smokefree, as of July 1, 2006. High roller rooms of casinos of exempt.

New South Wales: Most public places and workplaces are 100% smokefree. Establishments with liquor and gaming licenses are currently exempt but will be phased in by July 2, 2007 under Smoke-Free Environment Amendment Act 2004, Smoke-Free Environment Amendment Regulation 2005 and Smoke-Free Amendment (Enclosed Places) Regulation 2006. As of July 2, 2007, the only workplaces where smoking will be permitted is in private gaming areas at the Star City Casinos. Lawmakers will review this exemption on an annual basis.

Victoria: All restaurants, cafes, dining areas and shopping centres, enclosed workplaces, covered railway platforms, bus and tram stops and underage music and dance events are smokefree. Enclosed licensed premises and outdoor eating and drinking areas (where there is a roof and the wall surface area is more than 75%) must also be smoke-free as of July 1, 2007. The gambling floors of casinos are exempt.

Western Australia: As of July 2006, all hospitality venues are smokefree, including restaurants, bars, hotels, and most gaming venues. The high roller rooms in the Burswood Casino is exempt.

South Australia: Under the Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997 most enclosed public places, workplaces or shared areas, are smokefree. Licensed premises with multiple bars, such as casinos, are exempt until November 2007, at which point all smoking rooms and designated areas will phase-out.

Northern Territory: Eating establishments, community buildings, and public transport are smokefree. For more information on the Northern Territory's smokefree legislation, visit the Department of Health and Community Service.

Australian Capital Territory: In 1994, the Australian Capital Territory became the first Australian jurisdiction to enact indoor smoking restriction legislation. Under this legislation, most enclosed public places went smokefree. Exemptions are allowed for restaurants and licensed premises which install ventilation systems. This exemtion will phase out on December 1, 2006, at which point the Smoking (Prohibition in Enclosed Public Places) Act 2003. This Act makes all public places that are, at least, 75% enclosed 100% smokefree. Read the accompanying regulations to for the definition of "enclosed" place.


Smokefree News

Tasmania wins Clean Ashtray Award
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (au), 2005-08-19

Tasmania has been hailed as having the best anti-smoking initiatives in the country.

The Australian Medical Association says State Government plans for smoke-free pubs and clubs, and making tobacco retailers display graphic health warnings, make Tasmania the joint winner of this year's Clean Ashtray Award.

Queensland, where similar measures are being enforced, shared the award.

Tasmania was declared the worst State for smoke prevention in the same award a year ago.

Smoking at an all-time low in Australia - ninemsn
April 7, 2005

Around 17.4 per cent of Australians are now regular smokers, giving the
country one the lowest smoking rates in the world after a 30 per cent
decline in 13 years, a new survey has found.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare survey estimates about 2.9 million Australians smoked cigarettes daily in 2004 while another 530,000 lit up once a week or less.

Australian Hotel Issues Total Smoking Ban
The Age

The Novotel St Kilda will become Melbourne's first smoke-free major international hotel when it bans smoking in all its rooms and indoor public areas from June 1. The hotel, on The Esplanade, has decided on the ban after consultation with guests and two years after introducing a smoke-free environment in its restaurant and indoor bar. The hotel is the only one of 25 hotels in the chain in Australia and New Zealand to ban smoking completely. Manager Llewellyn Wyeth said Novotel St Kilda guests overwhelmingly backed the move. "We've had no negative feedback," he said. "We've had people who smoke take the non-smokers' side of the argument. "The majority of people who smoke don't want to smoke in their hotel room, they'll go outside."

Gambling up $100m after smoking ban
February 20, 2005
Victoria, Australia

Australian state to ban smoking in pubs and clubs by 2007
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (au), 2004-12-08

The upper house of parliament in Australia's most populous state, New South Wales, has passed legislation that will ban smoking in all pubs and clubs by 2007.

Smoking will be restricted to one room from the middle of next year and will be phased out completely over the following two years.

State Science and Medical Research Minister, Frank Sartor, says the legislation is designed to minimise the financial effect on these venues.

"There's no question that environmental tobacco smoke causes harm and death to people and it's very important that we deal with this important health issue," he said.

Updated July 10, 2006