European Club Forum

The European Club Forum is composed of 102 members, plus clubs with sporting merit, as defined hereinafter, representing a corresponding number of European top-division clubs.

The number of clubs per country is established on the basis of the ranking position of the member associations according to the following principle:
• associations ranked from first to third have five clubs represented,
• associations ranked between fourth and sixth have four clubs represented,
• associations ranked between seventh and fifteenth have three clubs represented,
• associations ranked between sixteenth and twenty-sixth have two clubs represented,
• and associations ranked between twenty-seventh and fifty-second have one club represented.

In principle, unless decided otherwise by the European Club Forum, the clubs are selected according to their individual coefficient ranking. If two clubs from the same association have the same coefficient, the club that has qualified for the UEFA competitions takes precedence. Should both have qualified for the UEFA competitions, the one that finished the previous domestic championship in the better position takes precedence.

No lower-division clubs or clubs which do not hold a UEFA club licence are admitted. Should a club that is not playing in its top domestic division or does not hold the UEFA club licence have a sufficiently high coefficient to entitle it to a seat in the Forum, it is nevertheless be replaced by the next best club, provided that the club in question is playing in the top division and holds a UEFA club licence.

As a mark of recognition of their sporting merit, those clubs which have won at least five UEFA club competition trophies are granted a regular seat in the European Club Forum. As a rule, only one member per club is admitted to meetings.

Clubs which are not members of the European Club Forum but which qualify for the UEFA Champions League may attend meetings of the Forum as observers, without voting rights, in the respective season. As a rule, only one member per club is admitted to meetings.

In principle, unless otherwise decided by the European Club Forum Board, if a club fails to attend two or more European Club Forum plenary meetings, it will be deprived of its membership and replaced by the club with the next highest individual coefficient ranking from the same association.

The frequency of meetings will be set on the basis of the objectives, as well as on the urgency of matters. In principle, plenary meetings of the European Club Forum shall take place twice a year, in September and February. The term of office of the European Club Forum is two years, with the Head of Club Competitions acting as the forum administrator.

NOTE: The UEFA Chief Executive can change the composition of expert panels during the term, according to the development needs of European football.

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